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Westerners like to drink coffee is a kind of habit. In the seventeenth century, when coffee was introduced into North America, in the 18th century in the west had the habit of drinking coffee. If they don’t drink coffee, a period of time will feel particularly uncomfortable.

But now not only in western countries, but many countries also love to drink coffee. So many people start to open coffee shop, coffee booth, coffee kiosk and so on. Now let us see an indoor coffee kiosk design together.



This is a coffee kiosk with a top design. On the front side of the coffee kiosk has a small display showcase for some bakery food etc. On the back side of the coffee kiosk is the menu and food preparation area.

You can put the coffee machine on the countertop. And under the countertop, we can leave the space for you also. You can send us the equipment list then we put them on the 3d design for you to see the layout.



For the material of this coffee kiosk, we can use plywood with lamanite. And the countertop can use black quartz stone. On the right side of the coffee kiosk, it has a bar area for the customer to sit here and have a coffee. The top of the coffee kiosk can use solid wood strip and the kiosk supported by a black metal frame.


Our design team can make a customize 3d coffee kiosk design for you. When you get a location in the mall pls get back to us the size then we can make the coffee kiosk exactly fit your location. Meanwhile, you can send us your logo and other requirement.

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