Useful and Upscale Small Coffee Kiosk for Sale

coffee booth Are you looking for a coffee kiosk to start a business? You can open a coffee kiosk in the shopping mall or outside to earn money. Choosing a suitable location size is a very important thing, that can help you save money and attract clients. Here is a nice coffee kiosk sharing with you.

Coffee kiosk introduction

This coffee kiosk is fit for a small location size at 2m by 2m. It includes an L shape service counter, wall display cabinets, workbench, roof, and brand logo. When it use outdoors, we can add doors to lock it. Dark tones create a high-end atmosphere in your coffee shop.

cafe standDetails information

Front view

As we can see in the design, the front side is a sales window and menu on the counter table. The countertop has many lightbox paintings so that clients can select one directly. Next to it is a tall wall cabinet with a glass door, each shelf has a light lamp to increase brightness.

Side view

The left side is a workbench with a water sink. The entrance door is on the left side for clients to enter and exit. It has a glass wall on the countertop, which separates clients from the work area. However, poeple can view see the work process directly.

coffee boothInside layout

There are wall display shelves on the right wall, you can place coffee machines, freezer machines, and coffee bees for usage. Besides, the countertop has lock cabinets with shelves, which increases the showcase and storage area.


When the coffee kiosk is used outdoors, the roof has to be rainproof, fireproof, and anti-wind. The brand name and logo are attached to the roof so people can know you from far away.

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