The history of coffee is very long, coffee is very common in our lives. Many people start their business by selling coffee, because coffee sales are the highest among beverages. So this is why many people choose to sell coffee when starting a business. The Coffee kiosk is necessory to sell coffee.

Business Process

You need to find a place in the mall to start your business. Then find a kiosk supplier to customize your coffee kiosk. You can contact us and tell all of your needs, we will display all of your needs on the 3d design firstly.  The 3d design will show all of your needs, after you satisfy the 3d design. We will start to produce.

Coffee Kiosk Description

The kiosk has a top which has a logo which can make the whole kiosk more high-end. Below the kiosk, it has dam-board which can install the logo. The back of the kiosk has a wall. There are some menus on the wall, and customer can see it clearly.  You can sit the front and left side of the table, and customer can sit and enjoy their leasuire time. The surface of the body of the solid strip, which can make the kiosk more unique. The countertop we use the black stone. Below of the countertop has a led light strip, which make the kiosk more attractive.

The kiosk has a floor, and you can put your kiosk on the floor.

Logo:  The logo is 3d logo. For the effect, there are different effect you can have. For the surface color, you can choose the color that you want.


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