Solid Wood Coffee Kiosk Cafe Shop Furniture for Sale

coffee kioskThe coffee kiosk is a good place to sell coffee, drink, and wine. With the fast speed of life, coffee is a very important drink. Because he can keep us clear-headed and improve work efficiency. Today, I want to share a nice coffee kiosk with you.

Introduction of a coffee kiosk

This coffee kiosk is set in the shopping center, view as a coffee shop in the shopping mall. This coffee kiosk includes a display counter, wall shelving, dining table, and chairs. The size is 40 square meters. We can also arrange counters in a suitable location. So that employees can work well and clients can enjoy coffee here.

coffee counterService area

The service counter is mainly used to sell coffee, check bills, and serve people. It includes a coffee bar counter has a workbench, storage cabinets, wall cabinets. The main material is plywood with a wood finish. And the counter table is black marble stone. The behind-wall cabinet has multiple shelving with lighting.

Dining table and chair

There is a dining table with chairs set in the front area. It has a long display counter in the middle, which can increase store area and can also use as a bar counter for clients. The main color is black finish with white counter table.

coffee standDisplay shelving

There are display shelving set at the outer side, it has multiple layers of shelving to show items. While the bottom is storage cabinets. You can place coffee cups, and other products here to increase sales.

Ceiling with lighting

This coffee kisok has a roof with metal frame support. We can place a white light brand name at the top so that clients can view your business well. Under the ceiling is wood decoration, it also has a ceiling with lighting.

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