Hot Sale Wooden Coffee Kiosk With Top In Mall On Sale

Coffee is one of the popular drinks nowadays. Most young people like to drink coffee. Because coffee has a better refreshing effect. It can eliminate fatigue, supplement nutrition for the human body. And promote the metabolic function of the human body. People usually drink a cup of coffee to refresh themselves when they feel tired from work. Do you like coffee? And do you want to start coffee business? Here is a hot sale wooden coffee kiosk with top.

Information Of The Wooden Coffee Kiosk With Top

The wooden coffee kiosk size is 4x3m, and the color is black, white and brown. As we can see this is a wooden coffee kiosk with a roof. There are some led lights on top of it. They can illuminate the all coffee kiosk. And there is a big 3D “COFFEE” and a coffee cup logo on the outside of the top. It is so special and attractive. This coffee kiosk is composed of two parts of workbench. One is on the inside and the other is on the outside. In particular, the workbench inside is a two-story wooden showcase. There is a sink and some coffee machines on the countertop of the lower showcase. And there are some cabinets for storage under the countertop. Also there is a big cold drink cabinet beside it. So the coffee kiosk also can offer other drinks to customers.

Another outer workbench there is a multi-layer glass display stand in the middle. It can be used to show some snacks, such as cakes, pancakes. Also there is a cash register on the countertop. In addition, when we walk into the coffee kiosk, we can see a menu on the background wall. It is very convenient for us to order. On the other sides, there are many “COFFEE” and two coffee cup logos. It is very obvious. Do you like this wooden coffee kiosk with top?coffee kiosk coffee display coffee shop

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