Popular Outdoor Cafe & Restaurant Kiosk With Good Price For Sale

Do you like to eat outside? There are many popular snacks and drinks outside. Such as cakes, bubble tea, coffee, ice cream, etc. When people are shopping or traveling, they all like to go to the popular local snack street to enjoy food. And there are various food kiosk on the snack street. The snack business is so hot. Do you have the intention to start snack business? Now I want to introduce a popular outdoor cafe & restaurant kiosk to you.

The 3D Images To Show

outdoor cafe kiosk

This is a classic color black and white outdoor cafe & restaurant kiosk. Its size is 3x2m. And the outdoor kiosk has the functions of sun protection, rain protection and moisture protection. Therefore, no matter when, you can put it in your chosen place to start business. It is so convenient. The outdoor cafe & restaurant kiosk has three white 3D logos on the outside of the top. And there is also a logo with a black background board on the outside of the workbench. The logo is illuminated by three small spotlights. This also allows us to see it clearly at night. There is a cake display stand on the countertop. And the outdoor kiosk has two different wooden shelves inside. They can place some ingredients or items. Also there are two logo plates with fast food posters between the two wooden shelves. It makes us see at first sight.

outdoor cafe shop

How To Make A Outdoor Cafe & Restaurant Kiosk

If you want to make a outdoor cafe & restaurant kiosk to start your business, the following points is helpful for you.

  • Please contact us soon after confirming your requirements of the outdoor cafe & restaurant kiosk. Such as the location, size, style, color, logo etc.
  • Our designer make a design for you on the based of your requirements. And the design deposit is 300USD. It will return to you when order kiosk. In fact, it is free.
  • It will take 3-5 working days to make a design after receiving design deposit.
  • Our designer make a 3D model for you after confirmation. Also we change it if you want to add new ideas on the kiosk.
  • Our designer make a construction drawing for you after confirming final 3D design.
  • After confirming all design details, we start to produce.
  • We send you some production pictures of the outdoor cafe & restaurant kiosk. And check everything before delivery.
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