Wooden Coffee Stand Cafe Booth with Bar Counter 3D Design

Coffee is the favorite of many office workers because it can refresh the mind. Get up in the morning and get a cup of coffee, which will keep you energetic and energetic all day long. If you want to start a coffee kiosk business, what should you do? Below I will give some suggestions for your reference.

Indoor & Outdoor coffee kiosk design:

If you are the first time to start a coffee business, you can make a small coffee cart first. But if you have enough budget, you can make a coffee booth like the below one. The below 3D design for a coffee kiosk can use for indoor and outdoor. But indoor and outdoor kiosk the material is different. If this kiosk use for indoor, the material we can use plywood with laminate. But if this kiosk for outdoor, the material we will use aluminum composite panel, it is the material exactly use for outdoor and more strong and waterproof.  Aluminum composite panel to use for the outdoor area as the main material. And for outdoor we can install the rolling doors so that you can close on the night.



The basic material for an indoor cafe kiosk: plywood with laminate or MDF with baking paint both good. For the wood color we can use veneer it will be good. The basic material for outdoor cafe kiosk: aluminum composite panel with black and wooden color. This material can resist outdoor weather.

This coffee retail booth can use for the indoor and outdoor areas. Inside the countertop material is the man-made stone. This is a good material for the countertop of the food kiosk.  For the kiosk body, we will make the below cabinets for storage. And for the equipment machine, please send us the list then our designer will leave the space for you.



How to customize the coffee retail booth?

If you want to start the coffee food business, you can start to establish a company brand logo first. And then you need to find a location to start your coffee business or other food business. It can located in the shopping mall center, or outdoor area like a park, amusement park, cinema or street. The location is the most important for your business so we suggest finding a good place. And then, you need to make the menu, prepare the budget, the equipment list, the food material and so on.

To start a business is not an easy thing but our company can help you to come true it. After you get a location, please get back to us the size and if you have the site photo that is perfect. Then, our designer will make a customize 3d design for you with your logo and size etc. We will consider the material according to the location and give suggestions to you.

We can discuss the layout, the material together. When we finalize the final design, we will quote the exact price to you. 50% deposit before the production and 50% balance before the shipping. This is our order process.

Professional kiosk manufacturer

Our company is a customized manufacturer in the food industry. We have over ten years of experience. We can offer the customize design service and produce the kiosk for you. From the design to produce, we will follow up in the whole course with you. Please welcome to inquire about the coffee booth. Our designer can make a new cafe kiosk design as you like. Let us get it to start! Please feel free to send an email to us at, thank you very much.

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