Hot sale watch glass display showcase watch kiosk design

Watch is a kind of accessories can for decoration and check the time. Some people get used to wearing watches they like to buy the watch. Do you want to open a watch kiosk in the shopping mall to start a business? Let us show you how to make a watch kiosk and some ideas of how to start a retail business.



This is a watch kiosk 3D design we make for our customers. Meanwhile, the size of this watch kiosk design is about 3 x 2 m and can customize as your need. It has 3 small corner stands, inside is a circle shape display shelf. On the sides of the small corner stands, we add the lighted logo. And 4 units of 1.2m display showcases with the white lighted acrylic and lighted box. The top is the stepped display with a glass cover.


We can make a customized watch kiosk design for you. Please get back to us the size you want and the logo or any other requirements. A 3D customized watch kiosk design costs a 300USD design deposit. The reason to make a customize 3D watch kiosk is can for us to see the effect of a new design.

About the installation of a watch kiosk, the customer is very concerned about this problem. Our factory will install a whole watch kiosk in our factory. Our worker will install the glass, lights, logo, lighted box, all the wires and sockets. We will send the finished production pictures to you to confirm all the details.

When you receive the packages, please open all of them and put them together. You can check the floor plan on the construction drawing how to put them together. And then connect the male and female connector it will work.

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