Customize retail kiosk wooden watch glass display showcase

In modern society, a watch is a person’s status symbol. Generally speaking, a watch is a tool to check the time. But now many people use it as a fashion accessory. It is obvious that in the present, the decorative role of wearing a watch is significantly greater than the practical price.

Although the role of the watch to see the time is very convenient for us, but what we like more is its decorative role. It is not so much an ornament as an expression of our taste. So if you want to start a business to sell the watch, we suggest you make a watch kiosk first.



This is a watch kiosk with a wood and white color finish. It can customize with the size the customer want. And the color, the logo both can customize as your need.

The middle is a small size cashier desk with display shelves and a lighted box on the front. For the display area, almost the glass display showcase and slatwall display.

Material: Plywood with laminate, 8mm tempered glass, 3D acrylic lighted logo, metal tube lights.



We can make a professional watch kiosk for you with the size and color you want. Please get back to us after you get the location size from the shopping mall. Then we can make a 3D watch kiosk for you and it will charge a 300$ design deposit. You can send it to the shopping mall for approval. And then after we get approval from the shopping mall, we can start the production.




We will send the construction drawing to the factory and start the material preparation. And the woodworker will cut the wood and stick the laminate. When finish the whole wooden body, we will start the installation. About the installation of the watch kiosk, many customers worry about it. But don’t worry, the installation is easy, 2-3 people can finish in 2 hours.

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