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Because now more and more people are suffering from all kinds of minor and major ailments, clinics and hospitals have sprung up. And a good medical guide is also very important, which makes hospitals and clinics look more quality. Take the novel coronavirus that wreak havoc on the whole world now, the influence that this virus brings to people is also not small, before and after the establishment of many hospitals, and a good guide medical station can receive the patient, can tell the patient to go to a doctor correctly.

Shenzhen Unque Furniture Ltd is a professional company. We have a professional team. It include a professional design team and a friendly serives team. Today I am here, I want to tell you a high quality reception counter. It is made from Unique.

counterAbout this counter:

As you can see, the reception counter has white as the main color. In addition to the use of pink to embellish. From the outside, the whole medical guidance desk is very smooth, surrounded by a pink line, and the logo is also in pink. The whole combination is very harmonious, white and pink are also healing colors, can let a person eliminate anxiety. It’s also a common hospital color.

The shape of the whole reception desk is designed with the arc letter L, and its size is 2200mm X 600mm X 1050mm. The peripheral use of stainless steel foot design. The mesa is also a design of twists and turns, there are three different heights, can meet the requirements of different people and different height. Inside the countertop there is space for the computer, and in it you can put some files and things you need to use. Inside the reception desk, there are also storage cabinets for some equipment and documents. The design of the reception desk is very simple, but it is fully functional. Do you like this design?counter

The materials about this counter:

Because our company is a professional company. We specializing in foreign trade. And we will use high-quality raw materials to produce our products. Our products have a very good reputation in the international community. In this reception table, we use the following materials:

1. MDF material is used as the base material, and then the surface is painted with high gloss.

2: use acrylic to customize LOGO.

3: the use of stainless steel as a kicking foot and so on.

What we can do for you?

counterDue to novel coronavirus and various viruses have mutated, so the construction of hospitals and clinics is essential. Our reception desk can not only be used in hospitals to see patients, but also in pet hospitals, etc. So its functions are multifaceted. If you want to buy a reception counter, this one I think vrey suitable for you. Our company have the a professional team and we will try our best to let our customer feel satisifed. We will use the high qulaity materials and we will have sterilized work production workshops. What is more, because we are a professional company, our products are all at reasonable prices. Our prices are much lower than those of other companies in the same industry. Although our price is lower than the same industry, nut our quality will never be worse than the same industry, the quality will only be better.

Besides, our service is also very good, from you start to chat to your order to you receive the goods, there will be careful specialist service for you. When you start to design, our designers will design according to your requirements. After you place your order, our specialist will follow up your production process every day until you receive the goods.

All in all, if you have any qustion, feel free contact us. Looking forward to your inquiry.


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