8ft Reception Counter Design Oak Wood Office Desk for Sale

Are you looking for a reception counter for office and retail shops? The reception counter is very important for a company, as it is set at the front of the company. As people see the front counter at the first sight then learn more. So we should pay more attention to find a good-looking and attractive reception desk. Here are some tips to choose a reception desk.

reception counter

First, reception desk size

The reception area usually set at the entrance of the shop and company. Except for the reception counter, we usually set setting sofa and tables for rest. So the reception length usually is 6ft, 8ft, and 10ft. Width is 1.6ft to 2.6ft. Hight 3.2ft or total 3.9ft. It’s better to measure the reception area first and determine the reception counter size to match the location.

Second, front decoration

We must spend more time and energy on the front end because it is customer-oriented. The beautiful reception desk is impressive. In addition, people first come into contact with your company and service from the front desk. As we can see in the picture, the front is in natural wood color, and a whiteboard is covered on it to place the logo. This can make the logo more prominent. It is a good idea to add light under the white cover panel, it looks very luxurious when turned on, and can illuminate the cabinet and the floor.

reception desk

Third, back decoration

The back of the reception desk is regarded as a work area. It has drawers under counter for storing documents, which is convenient to use. The empty space is mainly for legs. Two people are allowed to work together so that they can work together to improve work efficiency. And the outermost is a chest of drawers with wheels, we can put them wherever we need them. This can increase the practicality and aesthetics of the reception desk.

Fourthly, material to use

We usually use Plywood to make the reception desk body. It has the characteristics of clear lines, insulation, high strength, and not easy to deform. Mainly used to make the office furniture and mall kiosks. The surface material is oak wood, we can also use wood color laminate to control cost. Acrylic with light usually to make the brand logo, we can also choose from stainless steel logo, Neon logo and wood logo to get a good effect. Other materials include light lamps, stainless steel kicking, wheels, and hardware.

front desk

How to make the reception desk design?

First, tell us about the reception desk size, color, material requirements. Some people want it in L shape, U shape, round shape. We can also achieve it.

Second, make a 3D design drawing. The design picture shows how the reception counter looks like. It can also show a different color and material effects directly.

Third, check the design drawing. The design drawing is followed by the requirements, so the owner just needs to confirm it as the final design. If they have new ideas, the designer will update the design soon.

Finally, make a construction drawing for produce. The construction drawing need about a day to complete. As it shows all the detailed information directly.

office counter

Production and packing details


Workers produce the reception desk step by step. The first step is to make the wood body. Then make surface treatment and we can see how it looks like in this step. The final step is to assembly the light and wires. Lock door can cabinets also finish in this step.


We use shockproof cotton for internal protection and wrap it with plastic wrap. The outer packaging is a wooden box.

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