The reception desk is often seen in our lives. Whether it is in companies, supermarkets, airports or some of the more common places. The reception desk is essential. The role of reception is very large. When we go to a company for an interview, you can see that every company has a reception desk. In addition to the reception desk, there will also be a hospitality area.

In this way, if the reception staff is busy, customers can sit in the reception area and wait. This will make customers or interviewers have a much better impression of your company.

The Reception Desk & Coffee Table

You can see the 3d design, it include the reception desk and coffee table. When the people consult some task, they can wait and sit the coffee table. They can enjoy their leisure time at the same time. You can see there are one person can service two customer at the same time. If there are more people to wait, they can sit the coffee table.

The Reception Desk

You can see the length of the reception desk is 2m and  put it on the circle floor. The main material of the reception desk is MDF and the surface we use the baking paint. It is curve shape and will make the reception desk more unique. For the front of the reception desk, we add the light box and to make the whole reception desk more bright. You also can add the poster that you interested on the light box. It can help you advertise.

The bottom of the reception desk is baseboard with colorful sticker and will attract more attention. We add the glass on the top of the reception desk. It can match the end table.

End Table

The end table is made of the glass and stainless steel. This type is more high-end and unique. The end table can put some coffee or some other drinkings. If you like the magazine, the table also can put some magazine to read.  The size of the table, it will be 400-500 mm. The size will be not big but it is enough to serve four people.


You can see there are two  floors with circle round shape. And it can put the two floors together. we can do the same shape according to the 3d design. The floor will make the reception desk, end table, and chairs more orderliness. Only the neat thing, will make the people more comfortable.



How to get the unique 3d design?

We are a custom supplier, and have done more than 15 years in this industry. Our company focus on producing the mall kiosks, and shop fixtures.  We have a professional design team, and can customize the mall kiosk according to your needs. You can tell me what size of the reception desk you want, and where will you put. Then we can work out the suitable plan for you.


The production include the wooden cabinet, polish, baking paint and the installation four steps. Each step will take time to do, and the whole production time will take 22-25 working days.

Order Process

  • Firstly, need to contact our sales and collect your requirements. Then our sales will get back your ideas to our designer. Then display all of your needs on the 3d design. Then you will know the whole effect. ( design fee will cost 300USD, when you confirm the order, the design fee will be returned to your deposit)
  • Second, Arrange the 50% production deposit.
  • Third, please confirm all of the details before production.
  • Fourth, quality testing.
  • Fifth, please arrange the rest payment before packed.
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