Sweet candies has a delicious taste and gives people good sprits. They likes to eat candies when watching moves or chat with family members. When you own a retail shop and wants to open a candy shop, you should choose attractive candy display shelf to make your shop unique and win more customers. A suitable candy shop decoration can place different candies in a good way. Therefore, nearly every shop owners make a design of their shop and arrange the display counters, shelves, candy boxes in a good place. From the design, they can also see whether the  color match to the brand logo. If there is somewhere not good enough, they can modify better.

candy store fixture

How to make a unique candy shop design?

  1. You should know your shop measurements. Then choose a favorite color to decoration your shop. If you have a floor plan about candy shop, you can feel free to let us.
  2. Our designer create unique 3D design based on your ideas. The unique candy shop design with your brand logo need about 3-4 business days. And it takes about 500-1,000 usd deposit (It depends on your shop size ). The deposit will refund when production.
  3. You should check the candy store design carefully. When you find somewhere need to change, we can modify in time.
  4. Confirm the shop design is the one you want. Then we will make a technique drawing and make the shop furniture.
  5. Production takes about 35-45 days. (It depends on how many display counters we should make). We will keep you informed the produciton details and take pictures or videos to show you.
  6. Ship the goods to your country. You can tell us which port is convenient to pick up the goods.

More information

Usually, the main material for a candy shop is MDF. The surface is baking paint, other materials including stainless steel, acrylic, light strip, candy boxes, etc. If you have material requirements like solid wood, stone and glass. Please tell us before produciton. We will use the suitable material to build your candy shop. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are here and ready to help. Thank you

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