When we walk on the street, we can find candy shops easily. Everybody likes shopping in beautiful stores. So, you should decoration your shop and choose suitable display furniture. Only in this way, you can win more customers and earn money. Today, I want to tell you how to make your candy shop attractive and standing out. Let’s learn more together.

Choose a good location to start candy business

First, you should find a good location to sell candy. Usually, you can open candy store near the school, park, shopping center, etc. It would be great if there is no other candy shop. Besides, you should know what is the shop color and style near your store. Then you can come up a special decoration idea to catch people’s eyes.

Make 3D design of candy shop

You need to find someone to help you create 3D design drawing of your candy shop. Where you can view the style, color, layout, etc. clearly. And you can arrange all the space in advance. If you want a differenet option, it’s easily to view in the 3D design picture. For example, like this design as below. The basic tone is white with pink wall. The owner put many wall shelves to place goods. It looks beautiful and elegant. The checkout counter is set on the back side. On the side wall are wall shelf to place flowers and paintings. While customers can sit down and enjoy candy and food. In the middle is a large 3-layer display counter with andy boxes. On the bottom are locked cabinets to store more candies. On the other side are display stand. Do you like this candy shop decoration?

candy display stand

More information

The main material is MDF, the surface is baking paint. We will choose the most suitable material to build your candy shop furniture. If you have any needs, please contact us soon. Thank you

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