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With the rise of the Internet boom, people in modern society have become more and more passionate about novelty. And their desire to innovate and be different has become one of the iconic characters of young people. “Creative candy store” is a sales model that caters to the market in such a situation.

Different from the traditional candy sales methods scattered in supermarkets. Creative candy stores have been servicing confectionery since the store was built, and this service targets young people. Therefore, no matter from design, pricing, or confectionery In terms of variety, creative confectionery shops are all-new. Fashionable, and different-and this is precisely the consumer attitude of a large number of young people today.

So, how to run a creative candy store? Mainly from the following three aspects:

1. Design. The design of a creative candy store must show its individuality. Chocolate black, lemon-orange, apple green. And other candy colors are organically matched to create a certain visual impact in order to attract customers to buy.

2. Type. Since the confectionery named “creative”, the variety must unique. And the unusual and rare confectionery variety should use as the “treasure of the town shop” in order to create repeat customers and spread the reputation.

3. Service. Contemporary young people attach great importance to service. In fact, good service is the foundation of every store. So the quality of service is also an important part of running a creative candy store.


How to start a candy shop design?

First, you can visit our company website and check which design is your favorite.

Second, we will charge 500-800USD for the design deposit but will return to you when order.

Third, the first 3d draft we will send to you within 3-5 working days. ( after we receive the design deposit ).

We can change the 3d design as you like.

In the end, we will make the construction drawing for you after you confirm the final 3d design.




Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
WeChat ID: ShenzhenUnique

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