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The bakery store furniture is seen everywhere. People can buy food and drinks in the shop. No matter when you plan to open a bakery store, I am sure you will earn your money back soon. Here is a nice bakery store design to share with you.

Description of a bakery store

The main tone of the bakery store is retro style. We mainly use plywood with wood veneer to build the counters and furniture. With warm lighting along with the red brick wall creates a high-end atmosphere. We can also arrange the counters and furniture in a suitable location.

sweet food shopLayout information

There is a colder machine standing against the wall. We can place food here for sale. Wall cabinets are important in a bakery shop. It can decorate the shop wall and can also increase the showcase area. Besides, clients can purchase their favorite food easily.

The glass display showcase in the center of the store. It has multiple layers of glass shelving in the showcase. The bottom has wooden decorations, we can use it as a storage area.

Bakery shop furnitureCashier counter

The cashier counter is mainly used to check out the cabinets. We will use the solid wood bar to decorate the front counter. Behind has drawers and cabinets with double countertop for better usage.

Lightbox painting and menu hang on the ceiling. A business logo can attach to the wall or placed in a suitable location of the kiosk. That can promote your shop theme and company culture.

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