Hello everyone good evening! Welcome to visit our company website. I want to introduce a Hot dog mall kiosk design mall kiosk business for sale kiosk manufacturers.

Hot dog sausages came from Germany, became popular in the United States, and became a street food snack for the working class. They were sold in hot dog stalls and hot dog carts, and later developed American culture related to baseball. Hot dog cooking methods and side dishes vary by region. Although particularly relevant to the New York City and New York City diets, hot dogs are already common in the United States in the twentieth century and are an important part of the diet. The most famous example is the Chicago street food.

3D Design drawing of the Hot dog mall kiosk design mall kiosk business for sale kiosk manufacturers:

How to start the 3d design?

First you can check our company website to see what kind of style do you prefer.
Second, we will charge 300USD for the design deposit.
Then our designer will make the 3d design and send to you within 3-5 working days.
Please tell us the changes if you don’t like the design. We will change the design until you think it is perfect.
At last, we will make the construction drawing after you confirm the 3d design.

What is the order process for the kiosk?

After you confirm the 3d design and construction drawing. Please pay the 50% deposit and then we will start the production after we receive the money.

We will send the production pictures to you. After you check everything is good, pay 50% balance and then we ship it out.

24 hours after-sales service offer to you!! Please feel free to contact us if you have anything need to help.

Welcome to inquiry!

Contact us:

Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
Wechat ID: ShenzhenUnique
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