Useful Wood Fast food Stall Attractive Hot Dog Kiosk in Mall

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Fast food kiosk is a good place to sell all kinds of food, beverages. Many people like to buy fast food as lunch, it’s a good idea to open a fast food stall in the shopping center or near the office building. I am sure that you will have a great business.

Solid wood hot dog kiosk design

This food kiosk includes a work counter, storage table, wall decoration. We can also menu, lightbox posters for advertising. It needs a space of 4m by 2m locations, the material includes plywood body, veneer surface, stone countertop, lightbox painting, stainless steel kicking, and acrylic logo, etc.

Front counter

Display showcases, countertop equipment, cashier counter, and topping counter set in the front counter. The counter has a curved curve, they give the counter a sense of design. There is an individual stand on both sides, it mainly uses to recycling place for dinner plates.

beverage stall

fast food stallBack wall

The back counter mainly uses to prepare foods, such as hot dogs, donuts. Equipment like a frying pan, cola machine, and microwave can place there for the usage. The high wall support ceiling and separates clients from the kitchen area.

Ceiling roof

There is a roof at the top, it has a wavy shape, and the ceiling lights are suspended here to increase the light. Both sides of the roof are supported by metal pipes

bubble tea kioskBrand sign & light

We can add a brand sign to the back wall facing the public so that clients can see you in different directions. The front counter can also attach the brand name here. If you want a highlight hot dog kiosk, we can also add under counter light and even flooring light. It’s up to you.

No matter what kind of food kiosk you want, you can get them in Unique kiosk, click here and check more food kiosk designs.

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