Skin care products plays an important role in our daily life. Nearly every people use skin care products from very early age. It a very good idea to open a skin care store in street. If you decoration the skin care store in a unique and professional way, I am sure that you will win a lot of customer at a short time. Of course, if customers recognize your products and services, they will establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you. This will be a considerable profit. Because most consumers like to buy skin care products in sets. Here is a new customized skin care shop decoration sharing with you.

Customized skin care store shelves

As for a skin care store, it usually include wall shelves, display counter, cashier counter, ceiling light and imagine back wall. Like this skin care store, all the wall cabinets in black color. Which good match your skin care products. When people enter the store, they can see them in both two walls. A display table in front of the sales window to attract people goes by. Besides, the wooden display counter high level your store design drawing. And it can enhance customers’ goodwill towards your store and convey the brand concept. Check out counter is set on the back wall, so when people come into the store, you can see them at the first time and provide warm service.

3D design picture show

skin care counter skin care cabinet wall stand store furniture

From the design picture, we can view the details clearly. And even add your brand logo to the counter and shelves. What’s more, the layout, color, style should also follow on your idea. Then make a 3D design to show all the detaisl you want. So, finally you can receive right skin care store furniture and opening the store. Is it cool?

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