Skincare products play an important role in our daily life. Nearly every people use skin care products from a very early age. It a very good idea to open a skincare store in street. If your decoration the skincare store in a unique and professional way, I am sure that you will win a lot of customer at a short time. Of course, if customers recognize your products and services, they will establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you. This will be a considerable profit. Because most consumers like to buy skincare products in sets. Here is a new customized skincare shop decoration sharing with you.

Customized skincare store shelves

As for a skincare store, it usually includes wall shelves, a display counter, cashier counter, ceiling light and imagine back wall. Like this skincare store, all the wall cabinets in black color. Which good match your skincare products. When people enter the store, they can see them on both two walls. A display table in front of the sales window to attract people goes by. Besides, the wooden display counters the high level of your store design drawing. And it can enhance customers’ goodwill towards your store and convey the brand concept. Check out counter is set on the back wall, so when people come into the store, you can see them for the first time and provide warm service.

3D design picture show

From the design picture, we can view the details clearly. And even add your brand logo to the counter and shelves. What’s more, the layout, colour, style should also follow on your idea. Then make a 3D design to show all the details you want. So, finally, you can receive the right skincare store furniture and opening the store. Is it cool?

skin care counter skin care cabinet wall stand store furniture

More inforamtion show:

  • Item name: Black skincare display counter
  • Size: 40-60 sqm or another size according to your shop.
  • Basic materials: Plywood or solid wood
  • Countertop: Man-made stone
  • Surface material: Baking paint, wood panel
  • Other materials: Light lamp, spotlight, acrylic logo, stainless steel

How to get the skincare store furniture

Do you care about skincare store decoration? Nearly everyone looking for a unique and attractive skincare shop design. I guess you are one of them. So now let’s learn how to get the unique skincare store furniture.

First, find a suitable store and sign the contract with the landlord. You can know how much size of your store. Second, decorate the skincare shop according to your ideas. You should decide what color, layout, and style of your store. The more clear the better. Third, choose a designer who can turn your ideas into reality. He needs to understand what you mean and be professional enough to help you complete the 3D design. You can take our designer team into consideration. Because they have rich design experience, and help customers from all over the design to make 3D designs. So that customers can get quick approval. Forth, make the shop furniture according to the design drawing. High-quality can last for a long time and you don’t have to update the furniture frequently, which can help you save much time and money. Do you think so?

How to receive the goods?

Furniture not like other bulk products, what most people care about is how to receive the goods. As you know, the shop furniture along with cabinets and wires is completed in our factory. We will take photos to inform you of all the steps, so when you think everything is correct, we can help you arrange to ship. Besides, for better delivery, the shelves and counters will be packaged individually, so you need to put them in the right place according to the design drawing. It’s very easy. If you have any doubts about skincare store furniture, please feel free to send us an inquiry. We will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you

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