High-end Cosmetic Shop Display Cabinet Nail Polish Stand For Sale

The cosmetic display cabinet is a high-end display cabinet used to display a variety of exquisite skin care products. This kind of display cabinet has beautiful lines, elegant appearance and strong decorative art design. Cooperate with the design and artistic style of the displayed products, showing an unusual style. The design and production of this kind of display cabinet are quite different. And businesses have to spend a lot of money on the design of the display cabinet to attract customers as much as possible. And if you find our Unique Furniture Co., Ltd., you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a very beautiful cosmetic shop design.

When designing cosmetic display cabinets, many basic elements must tested twice. Such as the matching of styles, the reasonable layout of interior space design, and the use of lighting. The raw materials selected for the display cabinets are relatively better. They arranged in the stores of major shopping malls. There are stringent requirements for the matching of various colors. And the logo design of large brands is better for customer understanding. The overall design of the display cabinet should reflect its characteristics. Distinguish it from other big brands in the industry.

3D cosmetic shop 3d design customize for you:

This is a very beautiful and high-end cosmetic store and makeup product display store design we made for our customers. Our designer make this 3d cosmetic shop 3d design with the customer’s shop floor plan. The shop we have the wall display cabinets on both sides of the shop. Meanwhile, the middle we have some small nail polish display stands. For this nail polish display stand, we will use stainless steel and the top is the 8mm frosted glass. Very beautiful cosmetic shop design share with you, hope you like it. Thanks.

Please feel free to contact me to make an attractive cosmetic shop design. For the design deposit we will charge 500-800$ but it will deduct from the total cost when you order. Our designer will make a new cosmetic store design according to all your needs. Just let me know what kind of style do you want and your logo, shop size and so on. We are the best cosmetic shop furniture supplier for you!

Some key points of cosmetic shop decoration style:

Highlight your brand

The first point of decorating a cosmetics store is to highlight your brand. Let everyone notice your store at the first glance among the various signs, and let everyone remember it. Only when your storefront leaves an impression in people’s minds will everyone have the willingness to come to your store to consume. This is also the first step to attract customers.

Reasonable use of space

As we all know, cosmetics shops must display a variety of cosmetics. At this time, the rational use of space is very important, and planning must be done when placing it. Make the cosmetics look concise without losing a sense of beauty. Don’t make people feel impatient at first sight. Of course, in order to achieve this, the decoration style of the cosmetics shop must be forgotten to move closer to simplicity, and the choice of lighting also needs to be paid attention to. Try to choose a clean and bright white light or a cold blue light.

Have their own personality

The decoration style of a cosmetics store must have its own personality. The two points mentioned above are actually what most cosmetics stores on the market have already done. If you want to stand out under the fierce competition, you must incorporate some special elements in the decoration process. As for what elements to incorporate, you can find inspiration from your own shop concept, but you can find someone to design a unique logo. , Make your shop unique.

The installation of the cosmetic store display furniture:

We will install all the wires and sockets for the cosmetic store. After you receive the package of the shop furniture, please open all the packages. Then you just need to connect the male and female connector to your shop supply then the shop is going on. If you have any question of the installation please feel free to contact us, we will help you.



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