Skincare products become very popular among people. Today, we can see skincare shops and beauty shops everywhere on the street. Many people visit these shops in their free time. In order to have good skin, they don’t care about spending time, energy and money. For consumers, nothing is more important than having good skin. The market for skincare products is so large that many entrepreneurs hope to make a profit by starting a skincare product business. Now is the golden age of opening a skincare store. I am sure that you can earn money to buy purchase attractive skincare store shelves and provide good service.

Not only female friends pay attention to skincare products, but men also pay attention to skincare. Because they all want to have a good skin condition and make a deep impression. For most people, they not only need good skincare products but more importantly, professional skincare knowledge. Now that you can provide the correct knowledge of skincare and help them improve their skin condition. Then I believe that customers can be completely willful to you and choose to buy products in your store.

skin care furniture

Green skincare store shelves for sale

Before opening the shop, it’s necessary to choose suitable skin care store furniture. The furniture should match to your store size, brand image, better show the items and serve people. Today, I want to share a customized skincare store design with you. You can use it as the basic design of your retail store. Let’s view the detailed information together.

As we can see in the picture, the main colour is green. Green brand name and green wall decoration convey a natural, pure and safe concept to customers. Consumers will feel more cordial and natural. It’s very important to place items in front of the sales window. Because it helps you attract pedestrians into the store to experience, and you can decorate the window as you want customers to know. You can place the latest, best-selling products, and even discounts and promotions.

skin care showcase

Detailed information

When entering the store, we can see a table with 4 chairs in the centre. Customers sit down here and experience skincare products in your store. While there are stand display shelves in three walls. Checkout counter set in the corner face to the entrance. Besides, you can also add locked drawers on the bottom for storage and put lightbox on the top ceiling for advertising. You can also set small rooms inside to provide skincare service for regular customers. That can help you gain customers’ favour and earn more clients. Do you think so?

Material show

  • Main material: Plywood or MDF, we will choose suitable material to build the skincare store shelves
  • Surface material: Laminate, baking paint, solid wood, veneer or other finishing.
  • Countertop material: Stone, solid wood plate, etc.
  • Other materials: Light strip, stainless steel, lightbox, acrylic logo, hardware, etc.

If you have any material requirements, please feel free to show us. We will use the same material as you want to build the store furniture.

skin care store furniture

Questions you may have:

(‘Y’ means ‘Your question’, ‘A’ means ‘Answer’)

  • Y: How to build the skincare store furniture as my idea?

A: You should tell us your ideas first about the skincare store decoration. Then our designer team can help you create the 3D design follow on your ideas. If you like the design, we can make a deal and produce furniture follows on the design drawing. If you don’t like it, we will help you modify better.

  • Y: Where the shelves being made?

A: The store furniture is produced in our factory. We are located in Shenzhen, China.

  • Y: Do you have an office in my country? How do you help me install the store furniture?

A: We don’t have any branch in your factory. You don’t need to install the shelves, everything is completed in our factory before shipment to you.

  • Y: Can you explain the process to me?

A: Yes. After order, we will prepare materials and make wooden bodies. Then, finish the surface according to the drawing. In this step, you can see the effort of the furniture. Next, we will hide the wires inside the store furniture and add light to show products better. Finally, assembly the doors and put them together. So you can know how these skincare to store shelves look like and work for you. We will take pictures to show you all the steps.

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