Customize Cosmetic Display Showcase Perfume Store Glass Cabinet

Now that there are more and more cosmetics shops. And the competition among cosmetics shops is also becoming increasingly fierce. How to make your own shop stand out is the most concerned issue of every makeup shop owner. The decoration design of a cosmetics store can say to directly affect the operation of the store. We generally measure the quality of store design directly by looking at the merchandise display sales, and the customer’s shopping experience in the store. The most convenient, intuitive, and clearest product labeling is the primary task. Therefore, the design of the showcase is centered on how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of the display activities. Good products must match with good showcases. Choosing a good showcase is very important for customers. So how to choose the display cabinet of the cosmetics store?

Reasonable use of cosmetics shop space

Engineers measure the size of the store space and determine the cabinet size. We need to be able to effectively use space while at the same time be able to divide different areas reasonably. So as to make the store more tidy and orderly, according to the actual situation of the store, determine the type, quantity and placement of the showcases to achieve a reasonable layout and make the best use of the space. It can also make the whole look orderly and quality. Store display products are more attractive to customers and indirectly improve store performance.

The beautiful design of cosmetics showcase

Nowadays, consumers are more pursuing a comfortable experience when consuming. When making store decoration design, designers can combine the ideas of the owner and the characteristics of the store. The design showcases suitable for store style, simple and fashionable or elegant and solemn. It can make the store more integrated, improve the customer shopping experience, and make the store more recognizable.

Reasonable price cosmetic display cabinet

The production of cosmetic showcases requires various materials. Such as plates, paint, glass, lamps, and hardware. There are many types of each material, and the price of different types is huge, so the material cost of the cosmetics showcase is different. Good showcases are very rigorous in every process from the selection of plates to the requirements of craftsmanship, while cheap showcases cannot be compared with them in terms of quality.

Quality assurance cosmetic display cabinet

The most important thing for the cosmetics showcase is to have quality assurance. The materials of the showcase are selected well, the higher the production process, the use of advanced equipment and precise production technology to ensure that the showcase is perfectly baked.

Careful and comprehensive service is also an important condition for a good showcase. Our company not only provides customized 3D design services including cosmetics and perfume display cabinets, installation services after completion, but also after-sales service. The details determine the quality, and the quality guarantees worry-free pre-sales, and good after-sales make customers more secure.

The dimensions of the cosmetic display showcase we can customize as your needs. The standard dimension of the wall display showcase is about 1200x350x2000mm. The small display cabinet size is 1200x350x1100mm. And the material we will MDF with baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, same lock with key, customize 3d acrylic lighted logo, stainless steel toe kick and so on.

We accept retail and wholesale orders. If you order a large quantity, we can offer a very good wholesale price. Because we have our own factory, we are not the trading company, we are the direct factory. Please welcome to contact us at for more details, thanks.

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