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The cosmetic display counter is used in the cosmetic shop, beauty salon store, events, shopping center, and even studio. No matter where they are, you can use them to place cosmetics, sort out items. And the cosmetic counter is a good choice to promote a brand. Here is an individual cosmetic display counter sharing with you.

Double-sided display counter

This cosmetic counter has a display counter and shelves on both sides. It is good to use as an island display. You can also set it in the shopping center for business. So that clients can purchase goods from both sides. The size is 200cm by 100cm, can also customize according to special needs. Black is the main color decorated with white color, looks very elegant and upscale.

nail polish showcaseDetails of the cosmetic counter

We can see there is the white brand logo at the top, clients can find you easily. Under the brand logo is small wall display shelves, you can place products here to make full use of showcase space.

Front view

At the front, the counter table has different styles of display boxes that fit different products. “Try Me” attach here to remind people that they can try cosmetics freely. While under the counter has a total of 3 drawers and rectangular white frame decoration.

makeup service counterBack view

Another side has the same display counter table. While it has a sliding plate in the middle. While bottom has drawers and cabinets to increase storage cabinets.

Side view

The side has a white panel hidden in the middle of the counter. You can pull out it to serve people. Two square black benches set the corners, pull out to sit.

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