High-end retail mall booth makeup station for sale

Makeup product is very popular for the girls. This is also a high profit industry. To open a makeup kiosk in the shopping mall to start the business is a good idea. If you are searching for some ideas of how to open a makeup kiosk, you are on the right place. Our website has many makeup kiosk designs and business idea, hope you can get some help from here. Now let us show you a high-end makeup kiosk design as follow.




This is a makeup kiosk design with the top and back wall, like a small shop. The size of this makeup kiosk is about 4 x 4 m. We see the back wall is 2 display showcases, one is for eyes, another is for face. On the middle of them is a feature wall with a 3D lighted logo. It is a small cashier desk on the front with simple white color.

And on the front of the small cashier desk is a display stand. You can display some hot sale products here. On the front of makeup kiosk is the lighted box or advertising TV. Inside you can see a small mirror station and another side is the display shelves on the wall. On the ceiling has the spotlights to let the whole makeup kiosk look bright enough.


We can make a new customized makeup kiosk design for you to show in the 3D. Please send us the size of your location and if you have a logo can send to us also. Our design team promise to make the design exactly what you want. For a customized 3D design charge a 300$ design deposit. Let professional people do the professional things. Welcome to contact us to start!

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