Nowadays, with people’s living standards are improving, there is a growing desire for attractive gifts for family members and friends. So, exquisite gifts and good packaging are more and more popular.

Kiosk description:

It’s normal to get a small space in a mall like this picture design. This kiosk has a curved shape. Considering that the customer’s product is all kinds of gifts, we designed it into a similar display cabinet. The kiosk of the main colors is brown and white. It looks simple and practical.

From this picture, this kiosk has four levels of display space and a small cash register counter. Each layer can be a good presentation of the products. And the bottom is kicked with stainless steel, which can well protect the kiosk from damage.

If you also want an attractive kiosk, we can also help you. Just tell us the size and style of the kiosk, our excellent designer can surprise you with the 3D design.No matter what shape you like, we can support and guarantee the product quality.

Some information you want to know:

1.Does the design you provide meet our shopping mall approval standards?

Yes, all of our kiosk displays were designed to exactly follow the mall standards and customer requirements. Which can help you get the mall approval.

2.What is the price?

Different kiosks have different prices. Please tell us the size and style of your kiosk, and we will offer you the best price.

3.What is the delivery time?

About a month by sea.If you are in urgently and can ship it by air. Anyway, it’s up to you.

4.Do you provide samples?

We can send the material sample to you. You only need to pay the shipping cost.

5.Is it very difficult to assemble a kiosk?

Just follow the construction drawings. And need to put each cabinet together and connect the wiring, If you need, we also will guide you. It is so easy.

How to get the perfect kiosk?

First you need to get a space in the mall and make your kiosk business plan. Clearly know what type of kiosk you want.

Start the design. When we get the details of your kiosk, we can make the design, and we will send the design to you for confirmation only in 3-5 days. At the same time, you can submit the design to the mall for approval.

Confirm construction drawings. After you confirm the 3D design and construction drawing, pay 50% deposit, we can arrange the production work.

If you want to get your dream kiosk as soon as possible, our team can help you tailor. unique furniture company will be the best choice for you!

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