2021 mall commercial and housekeeping counter for red wine display kiosk

With the development of the red wine industry, people’s knowledge of wine is increasing. We can know that most people will choose to drink red wine whether it is a dinner with friends, a family gathering, or a time of drinking alone. So, proper drinking can not only be beneficial to health, but also increase the relationship between people.

If you don’t have enough money to open a wine shop, you can consider starting a red wine display kiosk. It is relatively easy to open a red wine display kiosk. We are professional kiosk manufacturers and have a design team that can help you create new wine kiosk designs. Can also add your new ideas to make your kiosk more unique and attractive.



The color of this kiosk is mainly dark brown and green. In order to highlight the product, we design on the kiosk and leave enough space for red wine. Usually, we will put the customer’s logo on the front side and back of the kiosk. The form of LOGO manufacturing has lightbox posters, acrylic LOGO, and hollow luminous LOGO and so on, it is up to your requirements.

Making a high sign is easy to get people’s attention. It can also show your red wine products and services. This is a kiosk with an arc, people can choose wine products around it, and you can also introduce your products to people to improve the sales of wine.

Do you like this kiosk? We can change the color, reach your size, and add your logo. And if you plan to start your business in the mall, we can also help you finish the item. All materials we use are based on commercial use and standards, including the design. Our design team will make the design based on the requirements of your mall, such as shape and layout, etc. Make your design to get the mall approved as soon as possible.


After you confirm the final 3D design, we will make the construction drawings for you. You can also send it to the mall for approval. The construction drawings include all the production steps and details, and our workers will produce exactly according to the design and construction drawings.

The first step in production is to build the kiosk body. We will make the cabinets according to the size and shape of the construction drawing. And we’ll install wires inside the cabinets, this makes it easy to install other equipment, such as glowing logos and lightbox paintings, etc.

When finish the kiosk body, we need to filling and is beneficial to hide the holes or other defects on the furniture, which can ensure that after finishing the finish paint. The surface paint of the furniture will e more delicate and smooth, improve the aesthetics, and also make the furniture more durable.

We will do the baking paint according to the customer’s design color. The paint has gloss and matte. Usually, we use gloss paint to make the kiosk more bright and fresh. If customers need matte paint, we also can available.


We are a custom factory with over 14 years of kiosk manufacturing experience. can provide you with competitive price, high-quality products. There are also excellent design teams working on new designs base on your demands. In the design process, we will confirm and modify with you, to ensure that our design meets your requirements.

If you want more details and professional advice, please contact us. And hope to can help you and complete your perfect project. We adhere to the principle of customer first, to provide our efficient service.


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