Hi friend, glad to know that you are looking for a milk kiosk. This special milk kiosk can better use in the mall center, events, and retail store. With the fast development of society, it’s a great time to start your own business. Especially if you want to start a side business to get more profit. You can also add your own thoughts to the mall kiosk to make it more elegant and attractive. Let’s view more details clearly.

Custom milk kiosk for sale

As for a new business plan, it’s necessary to make a 3D design first. The design drawing shows you how the milk kiosk looks like. Including color, size, layout, material, style, etc. Whenever you find somewhere is a good match well, it’s easy to modify in the design drawing. On the other hand, a good kiosk also a symbol of your brand. When people see your store, they can think of your products and services. Therefore, you can win customers and earn money. Besides, it should place more items in a good way and convenient for customers to purchase. Because the ultimate goal of custom display cabinets is to help you establish your brand image and promote your products. And encourage everyone to buy products for more profit

3D design picture show

As we can see in the picture, the mall kiosk covers an area of 2m by 2m, a very small location in the mall. On the back is a front wall supporting the ceiling, and you can see a big model of a milk powder tank in the middle of the love heart. Display shelves surrounded it for display. On the right side is a heart-shaped shelf with the brand logo. While the right side is a trapezoidal display cabinet with a cash register. Light brand logo set on the top. If you care about the cost, please don’t miss it.

retail kiosk mall kiosk Milk powder cabinet

Materials show:

The basic material is MDF, surface material orange baking paint. MDF can easily customize different shapes, including love-shaped display stands, decorations in the shape of a milk jug, etc. Do you like the light strip under the display counter and on the top ceiling? It’s an acrylic board with a light lamp behind it. Looks very bright and attractive, which also makes your kiosk different. Other materials including the lightbox logo, no light logo on the counter, stainless steel, locked drawers, and flooring. These materials can change according to your requirements.

How to get the unique milk kiosk?

Firstly, find a location in the mall center and confirm the specifications with the mall manager. It’s very important because your kiosk should match the mall rules, otherwise, you won’t get the mall approval.

Secondly, tell us your ideas about milk kiosk decoration. When adding your ideas to the kiosk design, you can see how your kiosk looks like in real life.

Thirdly, make the milk kiosk according to the requirements. It takes about 3 days to create a new kiosk model, as our design team needs to meet to discuss all design details before designing. And make sure it matches both of your requirements.

Fourthly, check the design picture carefully to see if you like it. Small changes are allowed to make it better.

Finally, make details drawing according to the confirmed design. You can also send the drawings for mall approval. So you can finally get the correct kiosk.


Q: When do I receive the milk kiosk?

A: We recommend leaving at least 2 months to receive the kiosk. About 22-25 days to manufacture and a month for shipment. More time to get the mall approval. Usually, the mall manager need a week to review the milk kiosk design, depending on the mall manager

Q: How to order the kiosk?

A: You should first confirm the design first. Then pay a deposit to start production. The payment term is 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping. We should take photos to show all the process details. You can see your own kiosk being made directly.

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