We all know that there are many famous brands of watches, and more and more people like to wear watches. The function of the watch is not just to watch the time. To a man, a watch is as attractive to a woman as a handbag. More and more business people like to wear watches, which can highlight their taste and identity.Watches are increasingly becoming a fashion accessory,you will find recent years more and more watch display showcase are opened in shopping mall.Rather than open a watch shop many people will choose to open a kiosk to start a small business.

Do you also ready to open a watch display kiosk in mall?here i have a high-end model want to share with you:

this watch display showcase size is 4m by 2.5m, you can see it is a very high-end model.The bottom all glass watch display showcase.Front of each display showcase have one logo and posters, so you can use different showcase to display one brand comes with a big ceiling with elegant light, looks very nice.The back is a big wall with glass display shelves can put storage.The middle is a round rotatable stand with shelves for display examples.

Some detailed info for this watch  display kiosk

1.size:4m by 2.5m
2.color:white and black
3.material:MDF with white and black baking paint finish,tempered glass
4.accessories:illuminated logos, led lights,led signs,posters
5.production time:22-25 work days

You may have belowing questions:

1.what’s the price?
A:the one on photo is 4m by 2.5m,how big you need?will need know your size and needs to check the price
2.what does it included? include the whole kiosk,display showcase,led light,spot light,illuminated logo,led sign,posters

Do you like this watch display showcase?
If you also want to do a watch kiosk, just feel free to contact us. We have very professional design team and experienced factory, we can help you to design your watch kiosk and customize the kiosk for you.


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