Watch plays an important role in our daily life, it can help us manage time in a good way. Nearly everyone needs a watch, especially on a social occasion, a unique watch can leave a good impression on others. Especially if you are interviewing for a job, watches can help you win favors and get positions. It’s a good idea to open a watch shop and begin your business. For most new business plans, the mall kiosk is the first choice. Because it can save cost and meet more clients. Today, I want to share a classic watch kiosk with you. Hope you will choose it for your kiosk design.

Introduction about watch kiosk

Watches are valuables just like jewelry. They are usually displayed in glass cabinets. The watch kiosk in the mall is made up of many individual cabinets. The following product is no exception. We can see that it is composed of many small cabinets. On the outside of the display, the cabinet is some adhesive pictures of our products, which can display a certain brand or our main product. In addition to the adhesive painting, the logo is also very necessary. We can expand and develop our brand.

In the middle of the kiosk are our high sign and cash register. It is safer to put it inside. Our logo and advertising player can be placed on the high logo.

All our display cabinets are pull-out type. Put our watch on it, when we want to take it out. We can pull out the display board. All display cabinets with light strip. We don’t have to worry about lighting.

watch stand


Size: 12ft by 12ft

Material: MDF, baking paint

Others: Light strip, tempered glass, stainless steel, sticker

Function: Display and sell watch

Design time: 2-3 business days

Production time: 22-28 working days



Watch Kiosk Material

watch booth

The base material of all our cabinets is medium density fiberboard, which is a kind of man-made board. The use of furniture is very extensive. Our surface treatment is baking paint. Baking paint generally has two surface effects, bright and matte. The glossy surface is very shiny, so many customers choose to make glossy paint.

Display glass we use 8mm tempered glass. The light strip on the top of the glass is hidden inside the aluminum trough tube. So our light bar will not be directly exposed to the outside.

The pictures of the watches outside our cabinet use stickers. If you also want to show your product like this, you need to send us the pictures you want to show. We do not provide pictures.

How to assembly the watch kiosk?

Because our kiosk is composed of some individual display cabinets. It is also very easy to assemble. We just need to put them together and connect the connectors under them. After we put all the cabinets together, we can connect our main wire to the power supply of the mall. Our main wire is under the cashier cabinet in the middle. Its installation is very simple. When we finish the production, we can also send you a video so that you can know more about how it operates.

How can I get my own kiosk?

If we want to start our business in the mall. First, we need to make a kiosk to show our watch. Just like the picture above shows kiosk. Their style is not limited to one. We can design according to our ideas. We are a customized company, all our kiosk can be made according to customers’ ideas. Such as size, color, material, shape, etc. Our production will also be based on the final design drawings. So design is a very critical step. Our designers will help us design the kiosk. You can see its display effect very clearly. After confirming the design, we can produce and ship.

Payment Terms

Design fee: 300USD. When we place an order, it will be returned to you

Deposit: 50% before starting production

Balance payment: 50% before shipment

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