High-end style coffee booth beverage kiosk with bar counter

Many people love to have a cup of coffee when they get up in the morning. When on the weekend holiday, we can invite some friends to a coffee shop to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the time. This is why have many coffee shops opening in the street. If you have an idea and want to start your own business, you can try to open a coffee shop.

In the shopping mall, when people are tired of shopping they can sit and have a cup of coffee. Below is a high-end style coffee booth beverage kiosk with bar counter design. Hope you can like this coffee kiosk design.



This is a high-end coffee kiosk design with a wooden and black color. The front side of the coffee kiosk has the coffee machine on the countertop and the order area.

On the back side has a black color metal shelf that can put the plant decoration and cups. It has a water sink on the back side. You can put the equipment machine on the countertop.


Under the countertop can put the fridge as you like. But need to let us know the size of the fridge in advance. So that we can leave the space for you to put the fridge when we make the 3d design.

The left side has a bar counter so that this area can for the customer to sit and drink coffee. You can send me your brand logo then we can add it to the 3d coffee kiosk design.



The material of the coffee kiosk is plywood with laminate. For the wooden color, we can use veneer or solid wood both are okay. The countertop material we can use man-made stone or quartz stone.

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