New style coffee kiosk simple design cafe food stall in the mall

The coffee business is popular all year round. When summer, we can drink cold coffee. And when winter, we can drink hot coffee. So if you want to start a food business, starting a coffee business is a good idea. Our professional sales team can guide you on how to make a coffee kiosk to start the coffee business,

Now let us see a new style coffee kiosk simple design cafe food stall in the mall. You can check this design for reference or we can customize a new design for you.



This is a coffee kiosk located at the corner of a shopping mall. It has a work counter area for the staff to make the coffee. And we leave the space for the refrigerator and coffee machine can put on the countertop. On the coffee kiosk design, we can put your brand logo on it or add some lighted boxes with the posters or menu.


The basic material of the coffee kiosk is plywood, we usually use plywood for the food kiosk. And the surface finish we can use laminate material.

For the countertop of the coffee kiosk, we can use man-made stone material or stainless steel material.

We can make the water sink for you if you need it. If you do not have the water supply from the shopping mall, we can provide the water system to you.



Before we make the 3d design for you, you need to find a location first. And then you need to check with the shopping mall to get the location size.

Our design team can make a new coffee kiosk according to your location size and logo.

You can send it to the shopping mall for approval and let us know if have any update.

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