Black Wooden Coffee Beans Kiosk in Mall for Sale

coffee beans kiosk

Many people buy coffee beans and make coffee at home. Because they can not only enjoy a strong coffee but also enjoy the process of making it. It’s a profitable idea to open a coffee beans kiosk in the shopping mall. Choosing a suitable mall kiosk for business is very important. As it can enhance your brand image and can also bring much business.

Description of coffee bean kiosk

This coffee bean kiosk uses to display and sell coffee beans. Regarding the products, the main tone of the coffee kiosk is black, which increases an upscale feeling. Customers can also think of your product for the first time. Size 4m by 4m, you can arrange counters in the proper area.

mall kiosk

Layout information

We can see in the design, this coffee bean kiosk has counters surrounding 4 sides. The front side has a cashier counter and a glass display showcase near it. Clients can see coffee beans and products when checking bills. The surface of the mall kiosk has wood bar decoration

Two sides are displayed showcase counter with golden base coffee bean displays. Different types of coffee beans show separately, customers can confirm their purchase, which is very helpful to increase sales.

coffee bean display booth

The entrance door is set in the back area. We can use the sliding entrance door in the middle. Sliding door is a popular trend, it is very convenient to use. Coffee signage, brand name, and lightbox posters attach to the kiosk body for attractiveness.

Center display

There is an individual counter in the center. The scale and coffee grinder are on the countertop for easy use, and the bottom layer is inside to increase the coffee beans for sale.

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