Perfume is one of the most popular products, and I believe some people around you are using it. We usually buy perfumes at professional stores or counters in shopping malls. We all know that shopping malls are very strict places if we want to start a business in it. Our products and display cabinets require their review. Therefore, it is reliable to buy perfume in it. We are a professional kiosk manufacturer in shopping malls, and we have met many customers who sell perfume. Their kiosk styles, colors, and sizes are different. Many of our clients’ requirements are high-end and attractive. The perfume itself is a very luxurious product, and our kiosk should be matched with our products.

Perfume Display Kiosk Details

The product I want to introduce today is for the United States, and our customers have made more than just a set of kiosks. The display cabinets in it are all individual individuals. The total size of this perfume kiosk is 4x4m. There are a total of 4 display cabinets and a cash register.

Glass display

Its display cabinets all have a certain shape. We can see that the three small display cabinets are all curved. The upper part of them is a glass display, and the lower part is a storage cabinet. This design is beautiful, and the other is more secure. We all know that the corners of the glass are relatively sharp. Although it is more complicated and expensive to make curved glass, it is safer.

Column Display

The top and bottom display areas of the middle column display cabinet are separated. This column display is divided into four sides, of which three sides are for display, one side is a lightbox painting, which is also a door. The inside of our column is storage space. We can store our products or our tools in it, and it can be locked at night, which is very convenient. Because our other three display areas are divided into long grids for display. So we did not install the door, because this structure is difficult to install the door, and it is not convenient for us to take the product.

Cash register

The cash register is indispensable for every kiosk. We need to put our cash register or our computer to facilitate our account checking. The cash register of our kiosk is not big. The length is about 1 meter. We can put our logo on the outside of the cabinet so that our customers can know our brand.

Perfume Display Kiosk Material & Content

The base material of our perfume cabinet is medium-density fiberboard, and the surface treatment is white gloss paint. As for the surface treatment of furniture, the baking paint is very good in color rendering, and the bright baking varnish is very shiny. The whole cabinet also looks beautiful. The glass we show uses is tempered glass, which is very durable. Light strips and locks are installed in all our display cabinets. From the design drawing, we can see that all our cabinets have logos. It is very important to put our logo on the cabinet. First, we can develop our brand and customers can easily remember us. Second, a logo will look more professional. Third, it can be used as a decoration for our cabinets.

The main highlight of this kiosk is the storage cabinet inside the column, which is surrounded by some shelves, and the middle is hollow. In addition to storing our product inventory, we can also store some sundries.

How do I get this ferfume display kiosk?

If you are interested in this perfume display kiosk. We can make the same one for you. If you have a different size, we can change something to match your requirements and the location. You can send me your logo and your ideas, we will design the kiosk according to your requirements. When confirming the kiosk, we can start production.

We are a custom company, our kiosk materials, sizes, and colors can be customized according to your requirements. So you can get the kiosk you want from us, and we will also help you pass the store review.

When our kiosk is approved by the mall, we will start production, and after the production is completed, it will be shipped to your port or your designated address.

Charge details

Design fee:300USD, it includes 3D design and construction drawings.

Kiosk price: It depends on the final design. the kiosk size, material, and style. 50% deposit and 50$ balance payment before shipment. Our design fee will be deducted from your balance payment.


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