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We know that a well-designed cosmetics counter can highlight the characteristics of the product. And it can highlight the brand image to attract more consumers. So what points should we pay attention to when designing cosmetics display showcases?

Some points for design a cosmetic kiosk

First, coordination:

The primary principle of cosmetic counter design determine by the nature of the display product. It is conducive to fully display the characteristics of the product in the cosmetic counter design to clarify the form, specification, performance, color and other attributes of the product. And design the form and visual effect of the counter, so that the counter design has the purpose and use performance. Through the use of external means, such as the coordination of brand, lighting, technology, etc., it can play a certain guiding role in the design of the showcase, and better make the showcase stand out in the commercial space.

Second, humanization:

In addition to considering the characteristics of the product, the design of cosmetics counters must also consider the important role of consumers as service objects in sales activities. This requires consideration of human-oriented design principles in the design, that is, the design always needs Incorporate design elements related to cosmetics counters and ergonomics.

Such as the choice of light source, the illuminance of the light, the angle and integrity of the product display. And the human needs and psychology, living environment, cultural customs and other factors as the basis of the design. Meanwhile, the display layout of the cosmetics counter reflect in a reasonable and pleasant scale. Balance, stability, to show consumers a human side.

Third, practicality and environmental protection:

The design and production of cosmetic counters should combine practicality and environmental protection. With simple cabinet structure, efficient use, standardized design, and serialization. The cabinet structure is simple and durable, which can reduce economic investment and achieve the best results. Efficient use can reduce the consumption of materials.

Repeated use does not pursue luxurious and high-grade materials. It improves the utilization rate of the cabinets. The cabinets are carefully standardized and designed. It can increase the arbitrary interoperability of the combination, interchange, storage, change, packaging, transportation, etc. between the cabinets. In addition, the structure of the cabinet should look natural and simple, and the cabinet color should let your customer feel elegant and comfortable.

Cosmetic display cabinet for makeup 3D design:

Now I want to introduce a modern and simple cosmetic kiosk to you. The size is about 12x10ft, if you want other size, we can customize a new one for you. On the front of the middle, it has a arc-shape cashier counter. And we put the customer’s logo on it, the logo is hollow out 3d lighted logo. If you want it look more luxury, we can make it stainless steel lighted logo just a little more charge. And on the left side of the front, we have a wooden & glass display stand for the cosmetic products. On the back of this display stand we have a L shape desk.

Let us move for the right side of the front. The right side of the front also have a cosmetic display cabinet. It has a glass display box on the countertop. And the half of it is for the customer bar area. You can put the mirror on the countertop, then the customer can sit and try the cosmetic or makeup products here. The material of this cabinet is MDF with white baking paint, the countertop is marble stone, and under the countertop it has a round of lighted acrylic decoration. It will make this cabinet look more high-end and attractive.

The last is the back wall display cabinet. For those makeup skincare products display showcase, the size is about 1200x300x2000mm. The basic material of it is also MDF with white baking paint and with the 3d lighted logo on the top. You can see the shelves and the frame of the lighted box all with the golden color stainless steel. Also, all the toe kick we use the golden color stainless steel.

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This is just one of our cosmetic mall kiosk shared with you. If you want more makeup kiosk design, please have a look on our company website to check more design. Or please feel free to contact us at for more details about the cosmetic customize shopping mall kiosk. Thanks.

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