Lipstick is an essential cosmetic for every woman. There are different people in the mall every day, it is a good market to sell lipstick in the mall. If you are planning your business, unique furniture can help you.

3D picture show

This is a square shape cosmetic kiosk and the main color is black and red. the whole design looks simple and practical. We can know from the picture that it includes a cash register, a makeup mirror, and other showcases. It is convenient for people to select products around this kiosk. If they want to try lipstick, also have a mirror for customers to use.

Personalized poster lightboxes and acrylic logos can attract customers’ attention. Posters are put at all four corners of kiosks, and a large logo display, which can not only beautify kiosks also promote products. When you want to sell well other products, you can change the poster according to your needs.

The top right it’s the real picture of our customer’s feedback when starting his business at the mall. Which can see this kiosk is stylish. Do you like this design? If you are looking for a reliable supplier, Unique Furniture can be a good choice for you. We are a directly customized factory and have an excellent design team. and can make eye-catching designs according to your demand.

Design process

First of all, you need to send us an inquiry here, tell us your kiosk size or store size, logo and style, and other details. When we clearly know what you want, then we can start the design work. We usually charge $300 as a design fee, when you confirm the order, we will deduct it from the total price.

It will take 3-5 days and we will send you the 3D rendering for your confirmation. If you are starting your business in a mall, we can help you with mall approval. Our custom kiosks are mainly for commercial usage. All of our kiosk displays were designed to exactly follow the mall standard and customer requirements.

When you confirm the 3D design and construction drawing, you also need to pay 50% of the deposit, so that we can arrange the production smoothly. And our workers will exactly follow the construction drawings step by step.

We are committed to creating the perfect kiosk and efficient service.

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