High end newest design food mall kiosk juice booth

In today’s society, employment pressure is getting bigger and bigger. So starting a business is undoubtedly a good idea for the people who want to be a boss themself. Choosing the right project is especially important. The fresh juice is a very advantageous investment project. It has more competitive advantages and makes it easier to get rich.

To start a juice food business

What is the profit of doing the juice business? Is it ok to do the juice business now? Many investors still have questions. Since entering the market, with its unique product advantages. It has been recognized by the public and has become the new darling of the catering market, which is impossible for other foods. If you want to start a business, you can do the juice business, let you get more profits, and don’t worry about the seasonality of the juice business. If you also want to have a special food business, the juice project has a market. Interested friends, hurry up and act.

Please look at this food kiosk design. It can use for not only the juice but also for the salad. We can see from the layout, the front side is the salad bar with many small toppings. With a small cashier counter here, the customers can come here and order the food they want. On the back side, we have a single water sink, and we leave the space for the fridge. So if you have the equipment list, please send it to us. Then our design team will leave the space for the equipment.

The material of the juice food mall kiosk

For the material of this food juice kiosk, we will use the basic material with plywood. And for the surface finish of the juice mall kiosk, we will use laminate. This is good for all the food kiosks. On the front side of the salad bar, we have the glass cover with 8mm tempered glass. For the countertop of the juice kiosk, we usually use white color man-made stone. The white color man-made stone of the juice bar kiosk is waterproof and suitable for the food kiosk.

food boothOther we will include the stainless steel toe kick, and all the cabinets and drawers have the same lock with key. We add some lighted box for you to put the menu. Meanwhile, we can customize your brand logo on the juice kiosk.

For the flooring, we also can make it for you. We usually use wooden and PVC flooring. You can choose the color you want. But for the flooring, it is not only one part. We will divide them into a few parts then you put them together.

tea kiosk

The package of the juice kiosk

After we finish the production of the juice kiosk, we will take the photos and videos of the shopping mall juice kiosk. We will send the photos and videos for you to check. If everything all good, we will start to pack them into a wooden box. For the package, we will use foam inside and wooden box outside. This is suitable for the long time shipping on sea. So the customer can assure it will not damage during the shipping.

If you still worried about the damage, don’t worry. We will buy the insurance for the juice kiosk.

If you have any plan and interested to set up your own business pls feel free to contact our sales. Our team will offer our best professional solution to you accordingly based on your shop size, logo, color, material and design request. we can make your dream come true.


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