Wholesale Coffee kiosk Juice bar for beverage tea in Mall

Are you Looking for the unique concept of the coffee kiosk or juice bar? Here is one nice solid wood ideas coffee shop design. Why other people open a coffee kiosk or juice bar has so good business while your shop is so quiet? The secrets are hidden in the kiosk design. A good modern kiosk design will soon catch the customer at first sight.  if you are running a very good coffee but your shop does not have good advertising, you can never make money.Because more and more people like to eat a

So, if you want to be outstanding in business, you should be outstanding in the kiosk design first, make a good research on the best kiosk design will bring you great value in future business management.

About this kiosk:

This kiosk is very fashionable and novel, the idea of the whole kiosk is very simple, it takes white as the main color. In addition to the use of khaki, dark brown, green and other colors to foil. The collision of several colors is very eye-catching. Green color always eye-catching color, while the solid wood in dark gray can soon level up the full concepts. The designer uses white stone countertop and inside the cabinet, finish give the full concept a clean and tidy experience.   the order parts and collect part are also a nice element in this design.One big spark on this kiosk design is the rusted steel panel used in this kiosk. give a customer a fresh and unique feeling. For most of the beverage kiosk, the first impression is very important.  You potential customer may be dragged here by you outstanding kiosk ideas, and color schedule.

The kiosk design is also very modern, outside the irregular paste board is very harmonious. It have a small storage rack for some decorations. Several other kicks are also very special, and there is a circle of places to step on the feet. A trash can is also designed in the corner to give customers a place to put their rubbish. The white artificial stone that whole mesa uses, very firm. A variety of machines can be placed on it to meet the various needs of customers. What is more, inside also a locker, can be used to put a variety of equipment and store a variety of materials. Inside, there are also sinks for cleaning and partitions for storing things. The whole design is very novel and interested. Do you like this design?

How to design?juice kiosk

When you paid the design fee, our designer will to make design for you. You can tell us what the size you need and what the style,color you like. We can design for you according to your requirements. We will use 3D design and CAD drawings to make it for you. And For the customize 3D design, our design team will make a whole blueprint include the 3d design rendering, floor plan and so on. Our designer will make the design according to your floor plan then start to make the 3d model. Do the 3d rendering and send it to you. After you check the design, we will make the changes if needed. ( until you satisfied with the 3d design ). And then we will make the CAD drawing for your final confirmation ( include all the details like dimensions, material, color, floor plan, etc. ) Because each customer has their own requirements, so this is why we need to make the customize 3d design.

Inside view of the juice bar:

juice bar design


juice bar

Unique(Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd) kiosk always provides the best beverage kiosk, juice stand, juice bar, smoothie counter and coffee booth for sale. If you are looking for display stands for your mall retail business. welcome to visit our sites and find your ideal design. We offer the best price with high-level quality products.

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