Beauty Wood Fruit Juice Bar Kiosk With Seating Area

When you walked into the shopping mall or street. you will notice there have so many different Juice bars and juice shops.  All of them are different, it is customized based on the location size and personal requirement.

As you know, due to the weather and health, more and more people like fruit juice, fruit juice is also a symbol of health.
In summer, people always like dessert and cold drinks. Nice afternoon tea will refresh you all day. Give your busy work a break. today I want to share a very popular solid wood fruit juice bar kiosk design for your meet. if you’re interested to start your juice bar kiosk business, follow me and see more details as below.

3D images about this juice bar kiosk:

We can see the whole kiosk mainly tone is white and brown wood grain, it’s very high-end and classics. it can for selling fresh juice, dessert. coffee and bubble tea. we can see the whole kiosk front part is a small cashier counter and topping counter the left sides is some display shelves. at the back side is a stainless steel sink and kettle.

juice bar kiosk

About this juice bar:

The shape of this juice bar is very novel and peculiar. Her color is dominated by dark brown, in addition to blue, green, white and other colors inlaid in it. The color matching is very harmonious. There is a light box outside the juice bar where you can put promotional posters and menus. what is more the entire juice bar is divided into three parts: production area, cashier area and rest area. It is particularly comfortable and romantic.At the whole kiosk back part is a seating area, have a table and Decorative chandelier. for the whole kiosk surface with lightbox, acrylic letter. looks very nice, do you like the layout?


Our company has a professional team and uses the best materials. We use MDF, Playwood, acrylic, stainless steel, toughened glass, and artificial stone. Besides the first time, we will use the fireproof board on the plywood, and we will also use the high glossy baking paint on the MDF, which is not easy to deform. And will use a lot of natural wood veneer samples to decorate, so that the cabinet looks better. The quality is very good. And, if it’s not vandalized, we have a three-year warranty. 100% customize and high quality.

juice bar kiosk

How to make the design effective?

If you have final design,please provide us the design documents and the picture you like. We will exactly build the juice bar you like. If you do not have a final design,we can design for you. But you must tell us what is your requirements and size. Besides,Our designer will make a design for you as you requirements and size and. If do not how to do just make our designer what is your opinon, and they will try their best to let you feel satisifed.

All in all, we have the professional design team and a serive team. So do not worry, what you want we will to make it well for you. If you want to have a juice bar early.And Please contact us early. When you finish your payment, we will make it day by day. And About 25 days, and we will finnish it.Later we will ship it for you.

Thanks for your time and reading, I hope this article is helpful for your business. if you’re interested to build a juice bar kiosks like this one, please feel free to contact us, thank you!

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