Jewelry kiosk design

The high-end luxury jewelry kiosk design is exquisite and elegant. Its overall size is about 4 by 2 meters, resembling a rectangular shape. The kiosk is surround by both tall and short glass jewelry display stands and showcases, which add to its allure. Each short display cabinet is black and features a logo, creating a sophisticated and professional appearance. There are a total of six of these short display showcases, strategically placed to showcase the finest pieces of jewelry.

The showcases and stands

Moreover, the kiosk boasts six tall black glass jewelry display stands. These stands and showcases are equip with light strips inside, emphasizing the beauty and brilliance of the jewelry showcased within. The light strips create a mesmerizing sparkle, captivating the attention of anyone passing by. The combination of the black glass stands and the sparkling jewelry creates an atmosphere of luxury and opulence.

We make a stainless steel frame is incorporated into the design. This frame serves a practical purpose, allowing the store to efficiently close at night. After closing time, a cloth cover can be installed on the stainless steel frame, providing a protective covering for the display cabinets. This ensures the safety and security of the valuable jewelry items throughout the night.

The details

The design of the high-end luxury jewelry kiosk is carefully thought out to create a visually appealing and efficient space. The rectangular shape of the kiosk provides ample room for the display cabinets, allowing each piece of jewelry to be showcase with elegance and grace. The tall and short glass display cabinets are strategically placed to optimize visibility and accessibility to the customers.

The black color of the cabinets adds a touch of sophistication and class. The logo display on the short cabinets adds a personal touch, establishing a brand identity and making the kiosk easily recognizable. The contrast between the black cabinets and the light strips inside the tall cabinets creates a visually striking effect, drawing attention to the exquisite jewelry on display.


We are custom factory, have own factory and professional design team, we can custom the kiosk and make a 3d design according to your requirements. Such as logo, style, colors, materials etc. We have done many kiosks or store furniture for different country. And also help them to get the approval of the mall. If you haven’t ideas about the kiosk, pls feel free to contact us, because we will tell you and share our work projects for your reference.

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