Jewelry kiosk design

How to open a jewelry kiosk in mall? The most important step is to design and produce your own jewelry kiosk. Today we introduce a retro style jewelry kiosk design. Overall, the shape of this jewelry kiosk is rectangular, but its four corners are flat, so its shape looks irregular. The design of this jewelry kiosk is compose of multiple jewelry cabinets and reception desks. Each jewelry display cases has a different shape.

The jewelry display cases

First of all, in this design, the most common jewelry cabinet is in a rectangular shape, with a glass cabinet on top and a storage cabinet on the bottom. Jewelry is placed inside through sliding rail doors. There are actually many ways to store jewelry cabinets like this, such as drawer-type storage, which can be lock with a key and has a higher safety factor. There are a total of 6 rectangular jewelry cabinets like this in this design. Then there are the jewelry cabinets at the four corners. Their shapes are irregular. Looking at this corner jewelry cabinet individually, it has 6 corners, and the side lengths are all different lengths. It is the same glass display cases as the rectangular jewelry cabinet except for the different shape and the storage cabinet door is a swing door. Therefore, in this design, 4 such corner jewelry cabinets are needed.

The more details

At the same time, we also need to reserve an entrance and exit for this jewelry kiosk. There are many designs for the entrance and exit doors. In the design of this jewelry kiosk, we use an upward door. In this place, we made a rationally utilized cabinet. The open-door shelf is connected to a small square cabinet, which can be use to store tools or other things. It has a drawer, and the space below is divide into upper and lower layers using shelves as partitions.

The counter opposite the entrance can be used as a reception desk. On the left side of the reception desk is a drawer with shelves below, and on the right is an empty space with storage cabinets below. A double-door counter for personal items is place inside the jewelry kiosk. Whether this counter is need, it can be delete or add according to your requirements.

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