The crystal jewelry market will no longer be limited to mid-to-high-end cities. As the income of urban residents continues to increase, the demand for jewelry will expand rapidly. The jewelry industry market is very hot, and most of the crystal jewelry stores are profitable. And people pursue fashion, crystal jewelry is undoubtedly the best product to meet people’s needs. If you are ready to start a crystal jewelry kiosk, it is necessary to customize a showcase. Because it can better display products and attract attention. Here are some ideas for starting a jewelry business. I hope to help you.

How to start a jewelry business?

First of all, as the most basic point of crystal jewelry, it is necessary to understand crystal, provided that you have recognized all the crystal types, names, characteristics, etc. on the market. Because you only know about it to get cost-effective products and maximize profits. And good products can make customers believe and choose you, which is very beneficial to enhance the brand value

The second is that each crystal has a corresponding good meaning, which also requires a certain professional knowledge as a store. After all, many customers choose to buy in the meaning of crystal. If they can not provide the corresponding service, then the customer’s impression of your shop will be greatly reduced, or the customer has a demand but does not know which crystal to choose. You can’t recommend it. , Naturally, affect the transaction rate.

Finally, choose a good location and a unique kiosk to start your business. Here is a nice jewelry kiosk for your reference. The size is 4m×3m.

Crystal Jewelry Kiosk Description

This kind of curved kiosk is one of the very common styles, except for the curved corners, its display area is from top to bottom. We can see that there are three layers of glass display on both sides, and in the bottom layer, we can use the necklace model to display our jewelry. The height of the upper two layers is relatively small, we can display and compare our jewelry tray or ring tray.

In addition to the glass display cabinet, there is a high sign at our entrance, and we can install an advertising machine to show the video of our products or the history of our brand. The lightbox painting can be used as decoration for our kiosk. There are a workbench and cash register in the kiosk. We can repair customers’ jewelry here, and the cabinet underneath can be used to store our safes or another machine.


The main materials of this crystal jewelry kiosk are MDF and brown matte paint. We use 8mm tempered glass for the side glass, and the thickness of the top glass is 10mm. We can see that its corners are curved, and we all know that the hardness of glass is very large. The process of curved glass is very complicated. Therefore, the price of this cabinet is also more expensive, and there are light strips installed on the top of each display cabinet. Since the glass is transparent, we only need to install the light strip on the top.


Considering the transportation problem, our kiosk is made in several small cabinets. But each of our cabinets is complete when you receive the goods, you don’t need to install them. Just put the separate cabinets together. There will be wires and plugs at the bottom of each of our cabinets. You need to connect the plugs between the cabinets together. The last wire left is in the cabinet of our cash register. You need to connect the main wire to the power supply of the mall and turn on the switch to work.

How to customize my own kiosk?

As we all know, when we sign a location with the mall, they will require us to provide the kiosk 3D design and details. We are a professional mall kiosks manufacturer. If you want to design your kiosk, you need to tell me your location size and your requirements. Send me your logo and the favorite kiosk you like. Then we can design the kiosk to match all your requirements. You can send it to your mall for review.

Our kiosk’s design fee is 300USD. It includes 3D images and construction drawings. We can help you to get approval from your mall. So you don’t have to worry about paying and then you don’t like the design or your mall disagrees.

What is the kiosk price?

Our kiosk price is based on size, material, and style. Such as this crystal jewelry kiosk. Its size is 4x3m, made of MDF and baking paint. The picture style(Curved glass display, the workbench in the middle), the price is about 12k. If your size and your favorite kiosk-style are different, the price also different. We have to see our final design.

How long does it take to make and ship?

Our production time is about 28 working days when we confirm the design and construction drawings. Transportation time is about 25-40 days. It depends on your country.


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