Skincare products play a very big role in our daily life. People care about skincare very much, so they spend a lot of time and energy on skincare. I hope they can have perfect skin condition. And skincare products can help them well. Skincare products have a large market in the world. It’s a great time to open a skincare store in a shopping mall, then I believe you can get many customers and make a lot of profits. Here is a customized skincare booth sharing with you. Hope it can help you a lot.

3D design picture show

From the design picture, you can see the total layout and decoration of the skincare booth. On the front side, there is a long table to place more skincare products. The same table with a metal frame makes people try more products in a good way. On the right side, a glass display stands used as a sales window. That attracts people in a good way. While on the backside, we can see a large wall with a brand logo and lightbox painting. Under the countertop has locked cabinets to make full use of the design  Do you like this skincare booth?

  • Size: 3m by 2m
  • Color: Wooden color and green color decoration. Can change to other colors as you need.
  • Function: Display showcase the skincare products
  • Main material: Plywood with solid wood surface
  • Other materials: Mental frame, acrylic logo, lightbox logo
  • Layout: According to customers’ idea and location area
  • Design time: 2-3 working time
  • Production time: 22-25 business days
  • Shipping time: 22-30 days, depending on which port near your address.

Real photos for you

The real photos can show every part directly to us. And you can even check and see its good looking, whether to full use of the space, etc. Whenever you think not good enough, it’s easy to change in the 3D design drawing. Nearly every kiosk owner asks for a design first, not only because they want to make sure to get the right kiosk, but also the mall manager asks the drawing for approval. Besides, we make customized 3D design aims to help our customers to find the correct skin care kiosk and open earlier.

skin care showcase skin care kiosk

How to order the skin care booth?

Before order, you should let us know all your requirements for the skincare kiosk. It includes size, color, style, and even material is you have. As for a customized kiosk, it’s the most important step. The second step is to find a designer to create a 3D design model, we can help you make the kiosk design based on the requirements. The third step you should do is check the design picture. Small changes are allowed to make the kiosk look better. After that, we can confirm the order and make detailed drawings. That’s to show you what materials used to make the kiosk and the electronic plan for the whole kiosk. Finally, build the kiosk according to the confirmed drawing. That’s to make sure that you get the correct shoe kiosk. The payment term is 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping.

More information you care

Maybe you care about the installation and assembly since it’s a long-distance between us. Please don’t worry about it. Because the skincare kiosk will be made and assembly well in our factory. We will also take pictures to inform you of the process details. Usually, what you see in the design, what you will get finally. Besides, we can also text the light and wires before packing. What you should do is to put the counters together according to the drawing and connect the wires is ok. Very easy work can be finished by two people. Please contact us whenever you have questions. Thank you for your time.

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