Are you ready to start a business? Do you want to have a business with small investments and high profits? With the development of technology, people pay more and more attention to skincare. Skincare products have great development prospects all over the world, now is a good opportunity to start the skincare business.

Mental finish skincare kiosk in the mall

Open a mall kiosk is a good way to earn money. Because it needs a small place and small skincare kiosk to start a business. As we can see in the picture, this skincare kiosk covers an area of 3m by 2m.  On the front side, there is a display counter with light, you can put skincare samples here. Then, on the backside are two working areas, customers can experience services directly. Besides, two sides are stand shelves with light to show more products. Do you like this luxury skincare kiosk?

When I see this skincare kiosk design, I like it very much. Not only for the charming color decoration but also for the unique shape of display shelves. It is as if your kiosk is a big diamond with a mirror on the shelf, just like a diamond refracts light. That makes your kiosk standing out and let clients find you from many shops.

3D design picture show

From the design picture, you can see every part directly. What’s more, the kiosk with light, a display area, and storage cabinets. It’s very convenient to use.

makeup kiosk cosmetic kiosk mall kiosk skin care kiosk

More information:

  • The function of a skincare kiosk is to display the kiosk, sell items, and advertising.
  • Color: Glod, or mental color as you want
  • The main material is MDF with high glossy baking paint
  • Other materials include light strip, stainless steel, metal frame, acrylic, etc.
  • A new design need about 3 days, and production time need about 25 days

The kiosk has a light strip, which highlights the kiosk and showcases the items in a good way. It also has floor decoration. Skincare kiosks can be built in our factory. Therefore, you can use it directly by connecting the main switch to the power supply. If you need a customized mall kiosk, please don’t miss it.

Maybe you care:

Here, I sorted out most of the concerns I received from customers. You can even find the answers if you have the same questions.

1. How can you make the skincare kiosk match my location?

Firstly, tell us the shop size you rent. It’s better to send the floor plan to us. Secondly, our designer creates a 3D model to follow your requirements. Finally, you can get a suitable skincare kiosk as you want.

2. Can you help us make the proper plans for approval?

Yes, sure. We can help you make professional 3D design drawing with detailed information for approval. The whole job need about 3-5 days after confirm design requirements. And the whole design drawing need 300usd to 600usd depending on shop size. It will deduct from kiosk price.

3. How to assembly the kiosk, is it complex?

The kiosk is completed in our factory, and also assembly well same to design picture. We will take photos and videos to keep you informed. For better delivery, the kiosk counters will be divided into parts and packed in wooden boxes. So you should put each part together and connect the wires. It’s very easy to assembly well.

If you have other doubts that not included as below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible. (Usually within 24 hours, please take the jat lag into consideration) Looking to discuss more details with you. Thank you

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