The most important thing to open a cosmetics kiosk is to choose a cosmetics counter that suits the style of the store. A good display cabinet can drive the products you sell. The counter should be innovative and have its own characteristics, so custom display cabinets are very important. Today, I will share a unique cosmetics kiosk with you, hoping to help you choose the right cosmetic counter.

How to decoration cosmetics kiosk

Due to the unique style and creativity, it will also increase the traffic of the store. Decoration can add points to your store and attract customers to buy. When designing a cosmetic counter, in addition to adapting to the requirements and location of the mall. We should also consider how to match the corners and lines of the counter style. When designing, we can make some curved cosmetic counters appropriately to make your counter more unique and high-end. If conditions permit, you can place the lamp in an arc position, which will be more attractive.

This cute cosmetics kiosk covers an area of 5m by 2m. The two front counters displaying cosmetic samples are set up next to the entrance for customers to choose. 3 layers display cabinets next to them used to place more cosmetics. The back side has 2 working counter with mirrors, clients can enjoy cosmtics service here. On the top wall has a large TV player for advertising. Besides, you can share successful cases in the poster in the middle to gain more trust from new customers. Meanwhile, the right wall with shelves to showcaseitems in a good way. The LOGO surrounds the top of the cabinet, so customers can see your shop wherever they are. And the top spotlight is used to illuminate.

3D design picture

Let’s view this cosmetics kiosk clearly in the picture. And then you can contact us and build your own unique kiosk.

cosmtics booth cosmetics kiosk

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