With the improvement of material life, consumers are willing to spend money on skincare and make them look more attractive. Cosmetics have a vast market worldwide, so now is the best time to start the cosmetics business. If you want to open a cosmetic counter in a shopping mall, then please don’t miss this design

Description of the cosmetic counter

From the design, we can see the main color of the cosmetic counter is brown. High stand wall cabinets with the brand logo, posters, and TV player in the center. While display counter, workbench with chairs, and sample display stand are on the periphery for customers to choose and experience. Wooden body with glass frame holds on to the big bright ceiling. When adding a brand logo on the top ceiling, customers can quickly find you in other stores. Do you like this cosmetic booth design?

What attracts me most is not only the layout but also the center display showcase. It increases the display area and makes the kiosk looking good. Each shelf has light to bright the products.  Experience area is a very important part of the cosmetic kiosk, clients can see the real effort directly before buying the right items. And enjoy your enthusiastic service, which will make it easier to get good reviews and promote repurchase. If you have special ideas about cosmetic kiosk decoration, we can also help you add to the kiosk drawing and make it look better and attractive.

Real cosmetic counter show

You can see the cosmetic clearly in the design picture. And understand the part directly. The unique kiosk should be a little different when in different locations and sizes. So, whatever small or large dimension do you have, we can help you custom made it and make full use of the space. Our workers and designers are very excellent and professional.

cosmetics booth cosmetic counter cosmetics booth

  • Size: 4m by 4m or another size you need
  • Color: Brown and grey
  • Main material: MDF with baking paint
  • Other materials: Stainless steel, light strip, spotlight, glass, acrylic, etc.
  • Design time: 3-5 days
  • Production time: 22-25 days
  • Delivery time: 22-34 days, depends on which port near you

If the mall manager wants to review the kiosk design, please leave more time to modify the design and get approval. Some mall managers passed the design quickly, while others needed more time to review. So you should confirm the time with them carefully. Besides, please don’t forget to tell us the special requirements. We will obey the rules to help you get approval and open business earlier.

How to start a cosmetics business

For every entrepreneur, choosing a suitable location and product is very important. Cosmetics can be divided into skincare products, color cosmetics, essential oils, toiletries, and nutritional products. You can display them through uniquely designed display cabinets. A set of exquisite cosmetic display cabinets can attract customers at first sight and help you better serve customers

You can also choose a franchise brand, and the head office will help you open a cosmetics store. Including to provide you with a unified shop decoration plan, so you do not need to consider the shop decoration yourself. And can provide you with high-quality sources of goods at the ex-factory price. The head office will also train employees for you for free to help you improve your sales performance.

Installation steps:

The question I received the most was how to install the cosmetic cabinet, please don’t worry about this problem. I will answer for you here, if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The cosmetic counter will be fully completed in our factory. We will take finished photos and videos for your confirmation. You can see the light, wires, top ceiling, brand logo, lightbox, locked doors, drawers, shelves, display counter, etc. stay in the same place as the design picture. We should even turn on the lights to make sure everything works well. For better delivery, we will separate the counters and packed individually. So when you receive the items, only need to put them together and connect wires is enough. It’s very easy can be finished by two-person. In order to help you save assembly time, we note numbers on the wooden box, so you can better know the counter included in each package.

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