With the improvement of material life, consumers are willing to spend money on skin care and make them look more attractive. Cosmetics have a vast market worldwide, so now is the best time to start the cosmetics business. If you want to open a cosmetic counter in a shopping mall, then please don’t miss this design

Real cosmetic counter show

From the design, we can see the main color of cosmetic counter is brown. High stand wall cabinets with brand logo, posters and TV player in the center. While display counter, workbench with chairs and sample display stand are on the periphery for customers to choose and experience. Wooden body with glass frame hold on the big bright ceiling. When add brand logo on the top ceiling, customers can quickly find you in other stores. Do you like this cosmetic booth design?

  • Size: 4m by 4m or other size you need
  • Color: Brown and grey
  • Main material: MDF with baking paint
  • Other materials: Stainless steel, light strip, spotlight, glass, acrylic, etc.

cosmetics booth cosmetic counter cosmetics booth

How to start a cosmetics business

For every entrepreneur, choosing a suitable location and product is very important. Cosmetics can be divided into skin care products, color cosmetics, essential oils, toiletries and nutritional products. You can display them through uniquely designed display cabinets. A set of exquisite cosmetic display cabinets can attract customers at first sight and help you better serve customers

You can also choose a franchise brand, and the head office will help you open a cosmetics store. Including to provide you with a unified shop decoration plan, so you do not need to consider the shop decoration yourself. And can provide you with high-quality sources of goods at the ex-factory price. The head office will also train employees for you for free to help you improve your sales performance.

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