High-end Elegant Eyebrow Bar Kiosk Beauty Products Display Showcase

In fact, change anything on our faces makes us look different. So there are many ways to make us more beautiful, we can also make us beautiful with beautiful eyebrows. So more and more women begin to take care of their eyebrow. The business of beautiful eyebrow become more and more popular, so do you need an eyebrow bar kiosk? If you want to join the beauty industry, just contact us for more details to start!

About this eyebrow bar kiosk design:

The eyebrow bar kiosk looks really very beautiful, its color is suave grey match elegant gold. We can see the eyebrow bar kiosk has many functions, it is not only can be used to beautiful eyebrows but also can be used to do nail service. The size is about 6x3m of this eyebrow kiosk, it has 3 mirrors stations and the glass display showcase to show some beauty products.

Meanwhile, on the right side of the below design, it has a separate room. Inside has the mirror station and some display area. And a facial bed for massage service or beauty service. Outside of the eyebrow has some small area to display the nail polish product and inside has a small display stand for it also. The eyebrow kiosk is really elegant, the logo is “Enrich Beauty”, it is 3d stainless steel lighted logo. It makes the whole eyebrow threading bar kiosk more attractive.

The material of the eyebrow bar kiosk:

This eyebrow kiosk will use plywood or MDF as the basic material. For the surface finish, we can make it laminate or with stickers. If different materials, the price of the eyebrow threading bar kiosk will be different too. The toe kick is golden color stainless steel makes the whole eyebrow kiosk look really high-end.

How to start a customize design for the eyebrow kiosk?

If you want to make a customize 3d design for the eyebrow threading mall kiosk. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are online and welcome to your inquiry. Before we start the 3d design, we will need to discuss with you the detail of the eyebrow kiosk. You can tell us your idea and the location size, your favorite design and so on. If you don’t have any idea, that is also no problem. Our design team will make a unique and beautiful customize design for you.

For the design deposit, we will charge 300$ design deposit. But this is just a small part of the total cost. So it will deduct from the total cost when you order an eyebrow bar kiosk from our company. Yes, if fact, it is for free. We will offer the best customize design service to you. Anything you want we can make it for you.

After we confirm the final 3d design of the eyebrow threading kiosk. We will make the construction drawing for your final confirmation. These drawings you may have to send to the shopping mall management to get approval from them. Then if the shopping mall manager satisfied with your 3d design and construction drawings, they say ok, then we can start the production.

Contact us:

If you have any problem with the eyebrow bar kiosk, please welcome to contact us. We will offer you more details about the eyebrow threading kiosk. If you don’t like this eyebrow threading kiosk design, we can send you more design for your reference. Just contact us at email: sales08@uniquekiosk.com. Thank you very much!



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