A Unique And Fashion Eyebrow Bar Kiosk Design For You

Hello, welcome to our website, do you need an eyebrow bar kiosk? I believe that most girls spend half of their makeup time on their eyebrows every day. It is precise because of this that they can show that eyebrows are the most important part. Eyebrows can make the whole person look more energetic. Changing an eyebrow shape is equivalent to changing a face.

It is either a popular eyebrow shape or one that suits you. For example, the popular Korean type eyebrows. Most women choose eyebrow shape first. All People don’t want to be at the end of fashion. This idea is right, but when you have one-word eyebrows, you will find that you are not suitable for one-word eyebrows. So everyone needs to choose the right eyebrow shape according to their face shape.

Eyebrow threading kiosk 3d design:

The eyebrow bar kiosk has a very beautiful and elegant design, we can see its outer surface is many stripes. And the inside is 3 mirrors stations with beauty lamps. There is a rest area in it, it has two entrances, very convenient. And a white cashier counter, for the under it is the storage cabinet, you can put many things, color is a low profile grey and eye-catching red, very beautiful.

Of course, if you don’t want the color, we can make it according to your need. The eyebrow bar kiosk has exquisite workmanship, perfect layout, all right specification, durable materials. Besides, if you want to put some logo on it, we will help you put them on it. What’s more, our eyebrow bar kiosk is very popular in UK, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand and other countries.

About customize the eyebrow bar kiosk:

1. For the color, if you dislike the color, don’t worry, tell us the color you want, then we will according to your ideas to make it. We can send the pantone color for you to choose. And then you can send to us, we will make this color in 3d design for you to check it.

2. For the size, your size according to your location, so it can be any size. If this size doesn’t suit your location size please but don’t worry, we will custom-made it according to your kiosk location size.

3. For the design, every customer has their ideas, maybe you don’t like this eyebrow kiosk design. In this case, customization is especially important, we can make a design according to your ideas. For the customize 3d design, we will charge 300$ design deposit. Then we will send the eyebrow threading kiosk design to you 3-5 working days. 

4. For the production, it is about 25-28 working days after we confirm all the details. Include the 3d design of the eyebrow kiosk, the construction drawing of the eyebrow kiosk and any other requirements.

5. For the shipping, because of each port different shipping cost and different time. You can send me the nearest destination port from you. And then we can check the shipping cost for you. We will check the shipping cost after the eyebrow kiosk finish and after we get the packing list. We also can check the door to door shipping cost for you. You can send us the detailed door to door address to us. Then we can arrange the shipping cost to the port or to the door to door address for your reference. Thanks for your read.

Contact us:

Please welcome and send your favorite design to us and then we can quote the estimated price to you. Or please feel free contact us to get more details and design about the eyebrow threading kiosk. Thank you very much!



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