The beauty industry has always been very popular, especially the facial beauty accounted for the largest proportion. Eyebrow tattooing is the hottest industry. First of all, because the cost of eyebrow tattooing is not very expensive, most people accept it. The second is eyebrow trimming and thrush. Some people have thicker and more beautiful eyebrows, so they only need to trim their eyebrows. So if you are planning to do eyebrow tattoo business, you can start with eyebrow kiosk . Because his budget will be smaller than eyebrow shop.

Eyebrow Kiosk for Sale

We are a direct custom factory, with various styles of eyebrow kiosk. If you need an eyebrow kiosk, I would like to introduce you a beautiful and fashionable eyebrow kiosk. I believe you will love it.

Eyebrow bar kiosk has elegant purple and elegant white. The white workbench is for customers, and two mirrors are also installed for customers. To make it easier for customers to wait, we added a bench at the rear. The kiosk has superb craftsmanship and perfect layout.


Our main target is the cash register.In front of the cash register is the customer’s logo.This is a very classic presentation.Many customers like to put their Logo on the cash register.We install cushions next to the cash register.This makes it easier for customers to wait in line.Next to it is a relatively high light box, you can put their own posters for display.Opposite is the work area, can serve two customers at a time.Its side is a light box display.It’s ok if you want to put a price list.We can place your price list.So that the customer can understand better.



  • Size: 3m by3m, or customized accoreding to your kiosk size.
  • Color : purple and white or customized for you
  • Main material  : MDF.
  • Surface :purple and white paint finish.
  • Cabinet : wooden cabinet.
  • Design time  : about need 2-3 work days.
  • production time : about 18-22 work days.
  • payment  : TT,Western Union, 50 % deposit, 50 % balance before shipping.
  • packing  : the EPE foam + foam plate inside  + wooden box outside.

About Customized

1, For the color, if you have the own favorite color, please let know. We can customize the color for you. 

2, About the size, maybe the size doesn’t suit your kiosk. It is not big problem, we will custom-made it according to your kiosk size.

3, About the layout and appearance. Everyone has different ideas, please tell us your ideas, then we will custom-made it according to your ideas.


About Assemble

Assemble this kiosk is very easy and fast . It can be assembled quickly even without any experience . Before we produce this kiosk, we will make construction construction drawings. You can see this kiosk will be cut to some reasonable part . We will put an ordinal on it , like 1, 2 , 3 , 4 …..  When you received the kiosk , you just need put each part together. Finally, connect the electric wire.

What should you do to get our eyebrow bar kiosk.

First, if you want to buy our kiosk, please contact us, and tell us the size, color, logo you want. Then we will according to your ideas to make a design.

Second, after you satisfy our design and drawings, and also get the approval from the mall. We will produce the eyebrow kiosk according to your construction drawings.

At last, if you want to know more information about our eyebrow bar kiosk, please contact us. We will give you patient reply, and respond you at first time. At the same time, we all hope your business will be better, your life getting better. Thank you again!

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