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Hello everyone,  Today I going to introduce the cosmetic stand to you. As a woman, in modern life, makeup has become an essential thing. And many women going out the door only after make up on their face. Women’s makeup is the pursuit of beauty and a positive attitude. A successful woman will have a strong focus on her image and have her own way of makeup. Why women like to make up ?  Firstly, Women’s makeup can change their mood. After makeup, every woman is willing to let others see how hello everyone,   And many women go out after make up on their face. beautiful she is, especially those who love deeply. makeup can make the mood becomes happy. Secondly, makeup is like putting clothes on the skin. The modern environment and air are full of pollution and dust. Skin is poisoned when exposed to air. So we can use some cosmetics to protect the skin. Fourthly, The more busy the work, the worse your face may be, the more you need to use makeup to retouch. Now many women undertake the much work pressure,they are usually work overnight and they usually  have not a good sleep. In this case, they usually need cosmetic to retouch tired face.  

here is the cosmetic stand  we recently design

This cosmetic stand  can be used in shopping mall or retail cosmetic shop. The basic material is MDF, a cash counter, a  make up table with two chairs. A cosmetic cabinet shows the cosmetics. There are 2  mirrors on the make up table , So the shopper  can try out the cosmetics when they like this cosmetic products and want to see the effect. The light boxes show the adverstisement poster. We also make the store logo on the counter.

cosmetic stand cosmetic stand  

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