Luxury makeup stand black cosmetic display showcase in mall for sale

Dear friend, thank you for visiting our website. Many people trends to purchase skin care products in the mall center, as they have more choices and can buy other goods in need at the same time. With the progress of society, people pay more and more attention to maintenance. They all want to be young and active, and always charming. So they will spend a lot of time and energy to dress themselves up. In this case, it’s a very good idea to find high quality makeup stand and start our own cosmetic business.

Let’s view the a customized design about makeup stand in mall center

From the design picture, we can view every part clearly, and place the counters and stand in the right location. The basic color is white and black. This mall kiosk includes cosmetic display showcase, experience area, storage cabinets, brand logo and advertising posters. We should use bright material to build the kiosk, bright color can makes our shop and products standing out. If you like this kiosk with top ceiling, please make sure that the mall manager accept the high ceiling with brand logo. Otherwise, we should move out the top ceiling and use high stand instead. What do you think?

cosmetic shop makeup counter

How to get a customized cosmetic kiosk?

  1. Signing off with the mall manager. We should confirm the location and specifications first, so that we will design and build follow on the rules
  2. Making the unique design according to our ideas. We should find a professional design team to help us. Because they can show the details in the design drawing for us to view the whole shop clearly.
  3. Confirming the design and production follow on the drawing. We should purchase the furniture from an good manufacturer. As they can provide high quality production with good price. What’s more, they can make the same kiosk as the design we want.

If you have any needs, please contact us soon. We should discuss more details. Thank you

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